Ripple CLO Criticizes SEC Chair Gensler Over ‘Crypto Asset Securities’ Term; Calls for Voter Action to Influence Crypto Regulations

  • Ripple’s Chief Legal Officer (CLO) has expressed significant concerns about SEC Chair Gary Gensler’s terminology in the crypto regulatory landscape.
  • The ongoing debate emphasizes the potential impact of regulatory policies on the upcoming elections and the broader cryptocurrency market.
  • Influential figures in the crypto community, such as Mark Cuban and Tom Emmer, have voiced strong opinions on the SEC’s current stance and urged for clearer regulations.

The ongoing clash between Ripple and the SEC highlights the critical need for clear and legally sound regulations in the crypto space. Learn about the key arguments and potential impacts on investors and elections.

Ripple CLO Criticizes SEC Leadership

Stuart Alderoty, CLO of Ripple, has condemned SEC Chairman Gary Gensler for frequently using the term “crypto asset securities,” a phrase lacking any legal foundations. Alderoty argues that such terminology could alienate crypto investors and influence them to participate more actively in elections. This criticism aligns with broader concerns within the industry about the regulatory environment stifling innovation and growth.

Gensler’s Terminology Under Scrutiny

During a recent testimony, Gensler repeatedly used the term “crypto asset securities,” prompting Alderoty to label it as a fictitious term invented by an unelected official. Alderoty’s remarks suggest that such bureaucratic jargon could mislead investors and policymakers alike, potentially harming the market and undermining confidence in regulatory frameworks.

Mark Cuban Warns of Political Repercussions

Billionaire investor Mark Cuban has also voiced concerns about Gensler’s approach, suggesting it could negatively impact President Joe Biden’s re-election prospects in 2024. Cuban believes that young voters who are active crypto holders may be dissuaded from supporting the current administration due to the SEC’s stringent regulatory stance.

Challenges for American Crypto Firms

At the Coinbase State of Crypto event, Cuban highlighted the difficulties American crypto companies face under the current SEC registration process. Calling it the “Gary Gensler problem,” Cuban argues that these challenges could push innovation and business operations offshore, ultimately harming the U.S. economy.

Calls for Clearer Crypto Regulations

In light of the ongoing debate, several lawmakers have called for more transparent and straightforward regulations. Senator Bill Hagerty has urged Gensler to clarify the rules governing the crypto space to prevent the industry from moving abroad. Hagerty emphasized the necessity for a robust regulatory ecosystem that supports the growth and sustainability of the crypto market within the United States.

Senator Durbin’s Inquiry About CFTC’s Role

Senator Dick Durbin questioned whether the Commodities and Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) could take over some regulatory responsibilities from the SEC. Gensler responded that the CFTC lacks the comprehensive disclosure requirements that the SEC enforces, highlighting ongoing jurisdictional ambiguities that complicate effective regulation.

Tom Emmer Criticizes SEC’s Approach

Representative Tom Emmer has been a vocal critic of Gensler’s leadership during the Consensus conference, arguing that the SEC’s policies hinder innovation rather than promote it. Emmer asserts that the SEC is more inclined towards litigation than offering tangible support to the crypto industry, which could stifle capital investment and technological advancement.

Legislative Solutions for the Crypto Industry

Emmer advocates for the Financial Innovation and Technology for the 21st Century Act (FIT21), which aims to protect consumers and provide greater transparency in the crypto market. He also emphasizes the increasing political significance of the crypto voter bloc, particularly among younger demographics, necessitating fair and clear regulatory practices.


As the debate over crypto regulation intensifies, key figures in the industry continue to call for more rational and clear-cut rules. The ongoing criticism of Gary Gensler’s terminology and approach underscores the urgent need for legislation that balances investor protection with innovation. The outcomes of these regulatory disputes could significantly shape the future of the crypto market and its role in upcoming elections.

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