Bitcoin BTC’s Surge Leads Crypto Market Rally, Ethereum Eyes Next Breakout Above $3,200

This article delves into the recent Ethereum price rally that, despite a slight stall, shows promising signs of continuation, buoyed by Bitcoin's impressive gains and potential for further upward movements.

Ethereum Dencun Upgrade is Approaching: Which Layer 2 Tokens Stand Out?

With Ethereum's Dencun upgrade approaching, tokens of Layer-2 DeFi platforms on Ethereum have started to gain attention.

Ethereum Outshines Bitcoin as Traders Eye Potential ETF Approvals

As Bitcoin struggles to surpass its recent peak, Ether continues to outperform, drawing traders' attention towards potential ETF approvals and indicating a possible expansion of the crypto bull market.

Ethereum ETH’s Price Soars as Whales Accumulate and Stake Over $45 Million in ETH

Recent whale activities, including a massive $45.5 million staking in Ethereum, have sparked a notable surge in ETH's price, signaling a bullish outlook among major investors.

Ethereum Breaks Resistance at $3,012, Continuing to Gain Against Bitcoin

This week's crypto market sees Ethereum breaking past a crucial resistance level against Bitcoin, signaling a potential shift in market dynamics.

Ethereum ETH’s Strategic Accumulation by Whales Precedes Dencun Upgrade, Signaling a Bright Future

Amid anticipation for the Dencun upgrade, Ethereum sees notable accumulation by whales, positioning it for a transformative leap forward, as outlined by Grayscale Research.

Ethereum ETH’s Dencun Upgrade Nears: A Catalyst for ETH’s Surge Above $3,000

As Ethereum ($ETH) gears up for the Dencun upgrade, the network's shift towards a modular framework promises to address scalability challenges, potentially transforming its functionality and driving $ETH's value beyond the $3,000 mark.

Arbitrum’s Revenue Contributes Significantly to Ethereum Owners!

Designed to enhance the scalability and efficiency of Ethereum, Arbitrum released its revenue report.

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