Ripple Finalizes Standard Custody Acquisition to Propel USD Stablecoin Launch

  • Ripple has cemented its position in the blockchain industry by completing the acquisition of Standard Custody & Trust Company.
  • This strategic move supports Ripple’s plans to introduce a USD stablecoin, furthering its mission to blend blockchain with traditional financial systems.
  • Jack McDonald, the current CEO of Standard Custody, has been appointed as Ripple’s Senior Vice President of Stablecoins.

Ripple’s acquisition of Standard Custody marks a significant step towards launching a USD stablecoin, highlighting its innovative approach to integrating blockchain with global finance.

Ripple Finalizes Acquisition of Standard Custody

Ripple, a leader in blockchain payments, has announced the completion of its acquisition of Standard Custody & Trust Company, a regulated digital asset custodian. This acquisition, fully approved by regulators, represents a crucial step in Ripple’s strategy to expand its digital asset custody capabilities.

Enhancing Blockchain Integration in Finance

This acquisition is a testament to Ripple’s commitment to infusing blockchain technology into the traditional financial infrastructure. Standard Custody & Trust Company, known for its secure and enterprise-grade custody services, now enhances Ripple’s regulated financial capabilities, boasting licenses such as the one from the New York Department of Financial Services. This strategic alignment enables Ripple to offer a broader spectrum of financial services globally, backed by nearly 40 U.S. state money transmitter licenses, a Major Payment Institution License from Singapore, and a VASP registration with the Central Bank of Ireland.

Strategic Implications for Ripple’s USD Stablecoin

The acquisition significantly aligns with Ripple’s strategy to enhance its enterprise infrastructure solutions by leveraging blockchain and digital asset technology. This strategic move will also enable Ripple to tokenize, store, move, and exchange value more efficiently. Additionally, the acquisition supports the development and launch of Ripple’s USD-backed stablecoin, designed to bridge the gap between traditional finance and blockchain technology. This stablecoin aims to meet the surge in demand for trustworthy, stable, and usable digital assets.

Jack McDonald’s Role in Ripple’s Stablecoin Initiative

Jack McDonald, the CEO of Standard Custody, has been appointed as Ripple’s Senior Vice President of Stablecoins. McDonald’s extensive experience in financial solutions is expected to play a crucial role in developing and launching Ripple’s stablecoin on the XRP Ledger. This initiative will enhance liquidity on the Ledger’s decentralized exchange and support a variety of financial applications for users, developers, and businesses alike. His leadership is anticipated to drive Ripple’s innovation and ensure regulatory compliance in the growing stablecoin market while continuing to lead Standard Custody.


Ripple’s acquisition of Standard Custody & Trust Company marks a significant milestone in its journey to influence global finance with blockchain technology. With the completion of this strategic acquisition and the integration of Jack McDonald into its leadership team, Ripple is well-positioned to launch its USD stablecoin, offering significant value and stability to the digital asset market. As Ripple continues to innovate and expand its offerings, it is clear that the firm is pioneering the intersection of blockchain and traditional financial services for the future.

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