Semler Scientific Expands Bitcoin Holdings to 828 BTC, Plans $150M Future Investment

  • California-based med-tech company Semler Scientific has recently bought an additional 247 BTC for $17 million, inclusive of fees and expenses.
  • As of June 6, 2024, the company holds a total of 828 bitcoins valued at $57 million, including fees and expenses.
  • Semler is looking to raise $150 million to purchase more bitcoins in the future, reflecting its aggressive crypto investment strategy.

Semler Scientific, a med-tech company, continues its aggressive Bitcoin acquisition strategy, planning to build a $150 million BTC warchest.

Preps $150M Bitcoin Warchest

Semler Scientific has announced its intention to raise $150 million aimed at buying more bitcoins, aligning with its strategy to expand its corporate structure. The Nasdaq-listed company sees Bitcoin as a potential high-return asset, referring to it as “digital gold” due to its unique properties and increasing global acceptance.

The firm explicitly states that while focusing on Bitcoin, there are no plans to invest in other types of cryptocurrency assets. This strategy underlines their belief in Bitcoin’s unique attributes and distinguishes it from fiat money as well as other digital assets. CEO Doug Murphy-Chutorian emphasized the importance of this approach in enhancing shareholder value through strategic Bitcoin acquisitions.

Semler Scientific Taps Bitcoin

In a significant strategic shift, Semler Scientific initiated its Bitcoin accumulation policy last month by purchasing 581 Bitcoins for $40 million, inclusive of taxes and other expenses. Eric Semler, Chairman of the Board, highlighted Bitcoin’s scarcity, finite supply, and potential as an inflation hedge and safe haven during global uncertainties as key motivators for this decision. This bold move marks Semler Scientific’s entry into a growing list of companies integrating Bitcoin into their reserve strategy.

Inspired by corporate giants like MicroStrategy, which has amassed over 214,000 BTC worth more than $15 billion, Semler aims to mirror such success. MicroStrategy’s persistent Bitcoin acquisition since August 2020 has earned them significant paper gains, increasing the appeal for other corporates to consider similar moves. Semler’s strategic policy reflects a forward-thinking approach to capitalize on Bitcoin’s burgeoning potential amidst uncertain economic conditions.


Semler Scientific’s aggressive acquisition of Bitcoin signifies a major shift in its investment strategy, underscoring its belief in Bitcoin as an asset with high appreciation potential. The company’s plan to raise $150 million for further Bitcoin investments indicates a long-term commitment to this evolving digital asset. By focusing solely on Bitcoin and eschewing other cryptocurrencies, Semler aims to enhance its value proposition and offer substantial returns to its shareholders. This strategy echoes movements by industry leaders and positions Semler as a significant player in the corporate Bitcoin investment landscape.

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