Significant Institutional Bitcoin Accumulation: Top Spot Bitcoin ETFs Hold Over 1 Million BTC

  • Bitcoin ETFs have gained substantial traction as of June 7, 2024, showcasing significant institutional interest in the cryptocurrency market.
  • The accumulation of Bitcoin within these ETFs is expected to continue growing, further highlighting the increasing institutional trust in crypto assets.
  • An examination of the data reveals noteworthy specifics about the volume of Bitcoin held by ETFs and leading institutions in the sector.

Discover how institutional investments through Bitcoin ETFs are shaping the cryptocurrency market landscape. Learn about key holdings, major players, and regional distributions.

Volume of Bitcoin Held in ETFs

Approximately 5% of all Bitcoin in existence is currently held by various ETFs, indicating substantial institutional confidence in Bitcoin’s long-term value. Collectively, 34 different ETFs manage over 1,000,000 BTC, representing a significant portion of the overall market and underscoring the growing importance of ETFs within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Leading Institutional Bitcoin Holders

The BlackRock Shares Bitcoin ETF (IBIT) tops the list, managing 304,995 BTC. It’s closely followed by the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) with 284,581 BTC, and the Fidelity WiseOrigin Bitcoin ETF (FBTC) holding 173,739 BTC. Combined, these top three ETFs account for over 763,000 BTC, exceeding 76% of the total Bitcoin held by all ETFs, demonstrating the dominance of major financial institutions.

Regional Distribution of Bitcoin ETFs

The United States leads in Bitcoin ETF holdings, with US-based ETFs together managing 883,978 BTC. Prominent US ETFs include ARK 21Shares Bitcoin ETF (ARKB) with 45,084 BTC, Bitwise Bitcoin ETF (BITB) with 37,948 BTC, and VanEck Bitcoin Trust (XBTC) with 36,580 BTC, making the US a pivotal player in the global Bitcoin investment space.

Global ETF Holdings Overview

Beyond the US, Canada’s Purpose Bitcoin ETF holds 26,957 BTC, Germany’s ETC Group Physical Bitcoin ETF holds 20,837 BTC, and Switzerland’s 21Shares Bitcoin ETP holds 11,138 BTC. Other significant ETFs include CoinShares Physical Bitcoin with 14,996 BTC and WisdomTree Physical Bitcoin with 9,164 BTC. The collective value of Bitcoin held by all ETFs amounts to approximately $72.24 billion, with BlackRock and Grayscale dominating the landscape.

Key Insights and Implications

Institutional investments through Bitcoin ETFs signify strong confidence in the long-term potential of Bitcoin.
The US plays a central role in the Bitcoin ETF market, highlighting its importance in global crypto investments.
Significant holdings by major financial institutions could drive wider adoption and acceptance of Bitcoin as a mainstream asset.


The significant holdings of Bitcoin by institutions such as BlackRock, Fidelity, and Grayscale underscore a strong institutional belief in Bitcoin’s viability as an investment. This trend towards increased institutional investment is likely to continue driving the adoption and legitimacy of Bitcoin as a recognized asset class. As the market for Bitcoin ETFs grows, the impact of these investments will further shape the cryptocurrency landscape.

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