Sybil Attack on Consensys-Supported Linea (LXP) Delays Minting: A Crypto Security Alert

  • Linea, a blockchain community backed by Consensys, has temporarily halted the distribution of its LXP token due to a Sybil attack.
  • The company is working with Proof of Humanity (PoH) and Verax to remove fake identities and secure future token distributions.
  • Details of the $LINEA airdrop will be announced on May 11, 2024, as the industry increases efforts to combat Sybil attacks.

Linea, backed by Consensys, halts LXP token distribution to combat Sybil attacks and ensure genuine participation. The company is also set to reveal details of the $LINEA airdrop on May 11, 2024.

Linea Faces Sybil Attack

The blockchain community Linea, backed by Consensys, has encountered a significant challenge in its operations. Linea identified Sybil’s activity, which managed to avoid its verification systems, and temporarily stopped the distribution of its non-transferable token, LXP. This step aligns with Linea’s vision of having a human-centric and genuine ecosystem.

Collaboration with PoH and Verax

Linea is collaborating with Proof of Humanity (PoH) issuers and Verax to annul attestations for addresses recognized as Sybils. This action purges the system of fake participants and secures the credibility of future token distributions.

Ensuring Genuine Participation

For Linea, the main issue is the genuineness of the community members. LXP is a non-transferrable token, and therefore, it still has to go through an extensive verification process to ensure it is awarded to real people. Linea’s dedication to this verification process emphasizes its commitment to maintaining a community of true human interaction rather than automated or fraudulent activities.

Upcoming $LINEA Airdrop and LayerZero Steps

Concurrently, the Linea team reminded its community that the official dates for the $LINEA airdrop would be announced during a Twitter AMA scheduled for May 11, 2024, at 11:00 AM and 1.00 PM UTC. This announcement is timely as the industry is increasingly interested in fighting Sybil attacks and ensuring equitable token distribution. For instance, LayerZero Labs recently introduced a self-reporting mechanism to combat Sybil’s activity, with a 15% token allocation for honest disclosures, according to May 17, 2024.


Linea’s proactive actions to halt LXP token distribution and collaborate with PoH and Verax to combat Sybil attacks demonstrate its commitment to ensuring genuine participation in its ecosystem. With the upcoming $LINEA airdrop and the industry’s increased efforts to combat Sybil attacks, the future of token distribution appears to be heading towards more transparency and accountability.

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