Aptos Labs Partners with Coinbase Pay to Enhance Petra Wallet’s Web3 Experience

Amid the rush to web3, Petra's Coinbase Pay integration offers a seamless experience, bridging the gap between experienced crypto users and newcomers.

Sushi’s Groundbreaking Move: Expansion to Aptos Blockchain

Discover how Sushi's strategic move to the Aptos blockchain could redefine the future of decentralized exchanges and the broader DeFi landscape.

Aptos Launches Its New Product: Will APT Price Be Affected?

Aptos can regain its lost popularity with its new product: Aptos' move can make APT investors happy in the long run.

Microsoft Teams Up with Aptos (APT) and Aptos Price Gains +%10!

Aptos Labs, the company behind the multi-layered blockchain Aptos, announces a collaboration with Microsoft. Aside from working on asset tokenization, digital payments, and...

Aptos (APT) Investors are Monitoring These Levels for an Upswing! July 4th APT Analysis

When examining APT's daily technical chart, a strong upward movement starting from the level of $7.51 can be observed. Considering the resistance levels and short-term outlook of APT, important points emerge for investors.

ApeCoin, Aptos, and Optimism Investors Should Pay Attention to These Dates in July

Investors of ApeCoin, Aptos, and Optimism, who will unlock a large amount of tokens in July, should carefully follow these dates.

Aptos (APT) Price Analysis: How to Manage Volatility?

Aptos (APT) price is trading between critical support and resistance levels. Its breakout or breakdown can determine the future trend.

Elon Musk Deletes Cryptic Tweet Causing Chaos!

Musk has not lost his influence in the crypto market. After the price movement in APT, Musk deleted his tweet. Musk's tweet, which he...

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