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CoreScientific’s Remarkable Comeback: Mining $812M in Bitcoin in 2023

This article delves into the remarkable recovery of CoreScientific, detailing its journey from bankruptcy to becoming the leading Bitcoin miner in North America, and exploring the broader implications for the Bitcoin mining sector.

Bitcoin Faces Pressure Amid Increased Selling Activity by Miners!

Despite the selling pressure from miners, Bitcoin manages to sustain its position above $40,000, reflecting the underlying market resilience amid fluctuating economic indicators.

Bitcoin Mining’s Thirst for Water Outstrips New York City: Sparking Eco-Sustainability Discussions!

A study in Cell Reports Sustainability highlights that Bitcoin mining's water usage globally has outpaced New York City's annual consumption, igniting discussions about the cryptocurrency's environmental sustainability.

Jack Dorsey Invests in Decentralizing Bitcoin Mining with Ocean Platform!

Exploring Jack Dorsey's investment in the Ocean platform, a new initiative to decentralize Bitcoin mining and empower miners with direct block reward distribution.

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Soars to Record 67.96T, Signaling Robust Network Demand!

This article examines the latest surge in Bitcoin mining difficulty to a record high of 67.96T, its implications for miners, and the corresponding Bitcoin market trends.

Bitcoin Mining Reaches New Peak: Record 5.07% Difficulty Increase!

This article delves into the recent surge in Bitcoin mining difficulty, a significant milestone for the cryptocurrency, and its implications for miners and the Bitcoin network as a whole.

Argentine Presidential Candidate Eyes Vaca Muerta for Bitcoin Mining Boom!

Sergio Massa, an Argentine presidential contender, proposes a novel Bitcoin mining venture powered by excess natural gas from the Vaca Muerta oil fields, stirring discussions within the crypto sector.

AI Infrastructure: The New Profit Frontier Beyond Bitcoin Mining?

Exploring AI infrastructure as a viable revenue stream can offer a stable profitability route amid unpredictable bitcoin market conditions.

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