Uniswap Introduces Android Wallet with Enhanced Features Amid Regulatory Challenges

Uniswap's Android wallet introduces cutting-edge features aiming to elevate the DeFi user experience. This comes amidst a backdrop of growing adoption and challenging regulatory landscapes.

CFTC’s Mersinger on DeFi Regulation: Advocacy with Caution

Mersinger's stance on DeFi throws light on the complexities of its regulation and the future of decentralized finance within the U.S. regulatory landscape.

CFTC Targets DeFi Exchanges: A Crypto Ecosystem on the Edge

CFTC takes stringent action against unregulated DeFi platforms, sparking debates across the crypto industry. Coinbase CEO pushes for court confrontations.

Coinbase’s CEO Advocates for DeFi Against CFTC’s Enforcement Actions

As decentralized finance gains traction, regulators grapple with its nuances; Coinbase's CEO steps in, highlighting the possible overreach of the CFTC's enforcement actions.

US CFTC Sanctions DeFi Firms for Alleged Illegal Derivatives Trading

The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has sanctioned three decentralized finance (DeFi) firms for alleged illegal trading of crypto asset derivatives, marking a significant step in the regulatory body's efforts to tighten regulations in the DeFi space.

Crypto Winter Strikes DeFi Ecosystem: Lowest Level in Two Years!

As a result of the crypto winter, the total value of assets locked in the DeFi ecosystem has dropped to its lowest level in over two years. The decline is largely due to significant drops in altcoins and a general decrease in cryptocurrency activity. Despite this, Ethereum liquid staking platform Lido remains the largest DeFi project, with a total value of $14.10 billion.

DEX Volumes Break Records: Are Ethereum Investors Ready for a Bull Run?

There is observed correlation between DEX volumes and ETH price; What are traders targeting for ETH price?

Ethereum Community Members Present a New Proposal to Reduce DeFi Attacks

In response to the recent increase in DeFi hack attacks, the ERC 7265 proposal from Ethereum community members was designed to reduce this issue.

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