Top Dogecoin Developer Criticizes Elon Musk for Hiding Likes on X App

  • Elon Musk’s social media platform X has recently sparked controversy with the removal of the “Like” feature.
  • Critical voices argue that the new changes are a misguided attempt to tackle bot-generated fake engagements.
  • A prominent Dogecoin developer, Mishaboar, has voiced strong opposition, highlighting privacy and transparency concerns.

Dive into the implications of Elon Musk’s latest changes to X and why prominent voices in the community are reacting strongly.

Removal of “Likes” on Elon Musk’s X

The controversial decision to eliminate the “Like” feature on X has brought forth a wave of mixed reactions. Mishaboar, a well-known Dogecoin developer, openly criticized this move, stressing that the “Like” feature was instrumental in user engagement and transparency on the platform. According to Mishaboar, this feature allowed users to express their interests outside the confines of their account’s niche, thereby promoting a broader and more diverse interaction.

Impact on User Privacy and Transparency

Addressing the justification provided by X, Mishaboar argued that the platform’s claim of enhancing privacy through this removal is unfounded. He pointed out that the “bookmark” feature already serves users who wish to privately mark their interests. Consequently, eliminating the “Like” feature does not serve the purported goal of increased privacy but rather undermines the transparency that users value. He emphasized that this move hampers users’ ability to detect bot behavior, making the platform less user-friendly.

The Ongoing Battle Against Bots

Efforts to mitigate bot activity on X have been ongoing. In an attempt to curb fake engagements, X has introduced several measures, including a paid subscription model for new users in specific regions. The ‘Not A Bot’ program, requiring new users in New Zealand and the Philippines to pay an annual fee, was launched as a pilot to discourage bot accounts. This model signifies a shift from traditional free social media access, aiming to balance user accessibility with security measures.

Subscription Model and User Reactions

While preventing bot activities is a primary concern, the subscription model has generated diverse opinions among users. Some see it as a necessary measure to tackle malicious accounts, whereas others perceive it as an impediment to the platform’s accessibility. By April 2024, Elon Musk had announced a more rigorous purge of the platform, encouraging users to report any wrongly suspended accounts.

Future of Bot Prevention on X

Musk’s strategy underscores the inadequacies of traditional bot-detection mechanisms like CAPTCHA, which have become less effective against advanced AI and automated troll farms. By enforcing minimal fees and ramping up manual oversight, Musk aims to reduce bot activity significantly. However, whether these measures will yield the desired outcomes remains to be seen, raising questions about the future landscape of social media engagement.


The removal of the “Like” feature on X and the introduction of new anti-bot measures have sparked significant debate within the user community. While the intentions behind these changes focus on addressing bot-related issues, prominent voices, such as Mishaboar, argue that these moves may undermine the platform’s transparency and usability. As X continues to navigate the challenges of maintaining user integrity while combating bots, only time will reveal the effectiveness of these strategies.

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