UNI Coin Faces Critical Resistance at $11.64 Amid Market Volatility – Will It Break Through?

  • Uniswap’s governance token, UNI, is demonstrating intense price swings as it struggles to surpass the critical resistance mark of $11.64.
  • This resistance level has become a significant hurdle, leading to frequent liquidations and notable price instability for UNI.
  • “Despite recent fluctuations, UNI has shown positive returns in the broader context, but understanding the support and resistance levels is crucial,” notes a market analyst.

Discover the tumultuous journey of UNI as it battles crucial resistance levels in an ever-volatile crypto market, revealing key insights for investors.

Understanding Support and Resistance Levels

While UNI has faced significant resistance at $11.64, the asset has appreciated by a remarkable 32.34% over the past month. Despite recent corrections, including a 2.73% drop over the past day and a 1% decline in the past week, UNI has still delivered a 30.34% return for its investors this year. Currently priced at $9.652 with a circulating supply of 599.95 million UNI and a market cap of $5.63 billion, UNI holds the 20th position in the global crypto market rankings. Accessing COINOTAG FINANCE can provide the latest in financial and business news.

Technical analysis indicates the 50-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) is acting as a support level for UNI, hinting at a possible short-term bullish recovery. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) hovering near its midpoint suggests some level of uncertainty around UNI’s price direction. Moreover, the broader market sentiment remains ambiguous, though it leans towards a bearish outlook.

Potential for Price Increase in UNI

If UNI manages to stay above the $9.90 resistance level, bullish investors could propel the price to test the formidable $11.64 resistance. A successful breakout might see UNI targeting higher resistance levels at $13.51 within the month, signaling a robust upward trend.

Conversely, if bearish sentiments prevail, UNI could fall back to the support level at $8.40. A further breakdown below this level might push the price down to the critical support mark of $6.92, threatening to wipe out the gains accumulated earlier in the year.

Essential Takeaways for Investors

– Closely monitor the $9.90 resistance level; it serves as a vital indicator for possible bullish acceleration.
– The 50-day EMA remains a key support level worth watching.
– Watch out for the $8.40 and $6.92 support levels as these could herald further declines if breached.

UNI’s persistent price volatility highlights the intricate dynamics within its market and the prevailing investor sentiment in the cryptocurrency space. As the market anticipates a rally in altcoins, UNI’s performance will likely remain closely tied to broader trends and overall investor confidence.


In summary, UNI’s price action is at a critical juncture, with key resistance and support levels playing significant roles in its future trajectory. Investors need to keep a close watch on these metrics to navigate the choppy waters of cryptocurrency trading successfully. As always, due diligence and an eye on market trends are imperative for making informed investment decisions.

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