Vanguard Introduces Specialized Fund Featuring Digital Currency Focus: Spotlight on Bitcoin (BTC)

  • Vanguard, a leading investment management firm, has filed its first specialized fund with significant crypto-related products.
  • The filing with the SEC includes several terms linked to digital currencies and assets.
  • This move has sparked speculation about whether Vanguard might shift its traditionally anti-Bitcoin stance.

Vanguard’s new specialized fund filing hints at a potential shift in its stance towards cryptocurrencies, sparking industry-wide speculation.

Vanguard Defines Crypto Terms in SEC Filing

In a recent development, Vanguard has filed for a new “Vanguard Specialized Funds” with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). According to the filing, “the Fund seeks to track the performance of a benchmark index that measures the investment return of common stocks of companies that have a record of increasing dividends over time.”

Notably, the filing includes definitions of key crypto-related terms. Vanguard describes “digital currency” as a digital asset that functions as a store of value, medium of exchange, or unit of account. It is further categorized as a digital asset not issued or guaranteed by any jurisdiction, central bank, or public authority.

Additionally, Vanguard’s filing explains that digital assets rely on algorithmic techniques to regulate the generation of new units and that transactions involving these assets are recorded on a decentralized network or distributed ledger.

Distinction Between Digital Currency and Digital Security Token

Vanguard also distinguishes between digital currency and digital security tokens. The latter encompasses any digital asset that is neither a digital currency nor a digital utility token. According to the SEC filing, digital security tokens often derive their value primarily from, or represent an interest in, a separate asset or pool of assets.

The final category described by Vanguard is the digital utility token, defined as a digital asset that provides access to a particular network, product, or service.

Vanguard’s Historical Stance on Bitcoin ETFs

While the recent filing has generated buzz, it remains unclear what direction Vanguard is taking with this digital asset “sensitization.” Historically, Vanguard has been an outspoken critic of Bitcoin. Unlike other top investment firms like BlackRock and Fidelity, which explored spot Bitcoin ETFs earlier this year, Vanguard has consistently expressed disinterest in such offerings.

The firm cited the highly speculative and unregulated nature of the broader crypto market as the primary reasons for its stance, noting that such investments conflict with its long-term investing philosophy.

Leadership Changes and Potential Shifts

Adding to the speculation is the upcoming retirement of Vanguard’s long-standing Chairperson and CEO, Tim Buckley, by the end of 2024. The company has appointed Salim Ramji, a former executive at BlackRock, as the new CEO. Given Ramji’s extensive experience leading BlackRock’s global ETF business, his appointment has fueled speculation about a possible shift in Vanguard’s stance on digital assets in the future.


Vanguard’s recent filing with the SEC has ignited discussions about the firm’s potential shift towards embracing digital assets. While the firm has historically been critical of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the inclusion of crypto-related terms in its latest filing suggests a nuanced approach. With new leadership on the horizon, it remains to be seen whether Vanguard will alter its long-standing position on digital assets.

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