Whale Dumps 9 Trillion Pepe Coins Sparking Investor Fears Amid Bear Market Trend

  • The recent activity within the Pepe Coin (PEPE) community has been making headlines as a significant whale offloaded 9 trillion coins, triggering investor concerns and heightening bearish sentiments.
  • Massive movements of PEPE coins, involving trillions being staked and transferred, have drawn the attention of market observers and crypto enthusiasts.
  • A notable transaction saw a whale stake 2 trillion PEPE tokens on the blockchain project Sophon, spurring debate about the potential motivations behind these maneuvers.

Pepe Coin’s recent whale transactions have sparked market debates amidst an ongoing bearish trend, making it a focal point for investors and analysts alike.

Whale Offloads Shake Up PEPE Market

In a significant development, data from Arkham Intelligence revealed that a whale address recently staked 2 trillion PEPE tokens, valued at $18.42 million, in the Sophon blockchain project. These tokens were originally acquired for a mere $2.33 million, indicating an impressive unrealized profit margin. This move, rather than opting to sell, has left market participants speculating about the whale’s strategy.

Massive Transfers Raise Eyebrows

Simultaneously, Whale Alert highlighted a transfer of 9 trillion PEPE coins, worth $82.17 million, to Bybit. This action was performed by another whale address, 0x88a14933, which had previously acquired these coins from Bybit. The decision to offload such a massive quantity of PEPE has only fueled further speculation and concern among investors about the coin’s immediate future.

Impact on PEPE’s Market Performance

The bearish momentum around PEPE continued as the coin’s price declined despite a broader market recovery. Over the past week, PEPE experienced a 14% drop, portraying a stark contrast to other cryptocurrencies that enjoyed bullish trends. This downward pressure was evident in the price correction data, influencing investor sentiment negatively.

Analyzing Market Data and Investor Sentiment

As of the latest trading session, PEPE’s price dipped by 1.24% within 24 hours, trading at $0.000009364. The weekly chart displayed a near 14% correction, with the highest and lowest trading prices recorded at $0.000009435 and $0.000008791, respectively. Coinglass reported a 10.19% spike in PEPE futures open interest (OI) to $100.46 million. However, the derivatives volume fell by 43.32% to $1.25 billion, indicating a cautious but uncertain sentiment among traders.

Technicals and Future Outlook

The relative strength index (RSI) for PEPE hovered around the 37 mark, suggesting that the coin is not significantly overbought or oversold. This movement signals potential downside pressure but also opens the door for future entry points for investors looking to capitalize on a rebound. As the RSI approaches oversold territory, a rebound in PEPE’s price could be on the horizon, making it an asset to watch closely in upcoming trading sessions.


In summary, PEPE coin’s recent significant whale movements have stirred market debates and influenced bearish trends within the crypto community. Despite numerous token shufflings and offloads, some data suggested strategic staking, which might indicate consolidation strategies. As the market keeps a close watch, potential price rebounds and market corrections are pivotal elements for investors to consider. It is crucial to stay informed and vigilant, navigating PEPE’s volatile landscape with a well-analysed approach.

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