Whales Accumulate $15M in GMX Token, Driving 24% Price Surge in Two Days

  • Whales are increasingly showing interest in decentralized exchange (DEX) altcoins, specifically GMX, which has seen notable accumulation recently.
  • GMX operates on the Arbitrum and Avalanche blockchains, providing spot and leveraged trading options.
  • Recent data indicates a significant transfer of GMX tokens from Binance to newly created wallets, showcasing a spike in acquisition activities.

Institutional investors and crypto whales accumulate GMX tokens amid market fluctuations.

Significant GMX Accumulation by Whale Entities

In a recent market development, blockchain analytics firm Lookonchain has reported a substantial accumulation of GMX tokens by whale entities, which are often considered institutional investors. These large-scale investors have been amassing GMX, the native token of a decentralized exchange, on both the Arbitrum and Avalanche blockchains. The exchange supports both spot and leveraged trading, providing a versatile platform for its users.

Massive Transfers from Binance Indicate Whale Interest

According to Lookonchain, six new wallets have collectively withdrawn over $15 million worth of GMX from Binance within a short period. This activity has raised eyebrows in the crypto community, prompting speculation that institutional investors might be gearing up for a strategic position in GMX. The wallets involved in these transactions are:


The exact motives behind these large acquisitions remain speculative, but the data suggests a calculated move by savvy investors to capitalize on GMX’s growth potential.

Institutional Interest Extends to Memecoin PEPE

In a parallel trend, another whale has been actively accumulating the memecoin Pepe (PEPE). Lookonchain reports that this whale purchased 231.6 billion PEPE, amounting to approximately $2.9 million, from Kraken. This activity brings their total PEPE holdings to over 750.34 billion, valued at $8.34 million.

Nascent’s Investment in PEPE During a Price Dip

During a recent market correction, Nascent, a known crypto investment firm, added over $5.85 million worth of PEPE to its portfolio. This strategic acquisition highlights a growing interest among institutional players in diverse crypto assets, including those considered more speculative like PEPE. Despite recently experiencing a 13% drop in value, the memecoin’s accumulation by whale investors indicates a bet on its long-term potential.


The recent accumulation activities of GMX and PEPE by whale investors underscore a strategic play in the cryptocurrency market. These significant purchases reflect confidence in the potential growth and profitability of these assets. As these trends continue, the actions of institutional players will be key indicators to watch, providing insights into future market movements and potential investment opportunities.

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