What is ETFs and How to Buy SAND3L, MINA3L, KSM3L, EOS3L, ALGO3L?

  • Gate.io is poised to implement a reverse split for several leveraged ETFs, aiming to refine trading precision and simplicity.
  • This move is crucial as it addresses the issue of low share value adversely impacting the price precision of these leveraged ETFs.
  • According to the announcement, leveraged ETFs including SAND3L, MINA3L, KSM3L, EOS3L, and ALGO3L will undergo a 1-for-100 reverse split.

Gate.io announces significant adjustments to leveraged ETFs to enhance trading efficiency and precision, streamlining the experience for users.

Details Surrounding the Reverse Split Implementation

Gate.io will execute a reverse split for the leveraged ETFs at approximately 6:00 AM UTC on July 11th. This strategic maneuver will consolidate the number of ETF shares held by users, modifying the share value without altering the total value of holdings, all while countering market fluctuation impacts.

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Implications and Reactions from the Market

Industry experts speculate that this reverse split maneuver might positively influence market trading dynamics. The increased unit value per share will likely result in enhanced price precision, thereby potentially boosting trader confidence during transactions. Frequent traders should stay vigilant during this transition period due to anticipated price fluctuations post-split.


The reverse split initiated by Gate.io symbolizes a significant stride towards bettering user experience and improving trading precision within the leveraged ETF markets. Traders and investors should prepare for this adjustment, ensuring they understand the new share structure and its implications on trading activities. This proactive market evolution indicates Gate.io’s commitment to optimizing trading mechanisms for the benefit of the crypto community.

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