What is Mon Protocol and How to Buy MON?

  • The Gate.io Startup Free Airdrop Program is designed to reward users with airdrops for outstanding blockchain projects periodically.
  • This initiative offers VIP and GT users the opportunity to receive various token airdrops without deducting their participation funds.
  • The latest project in focus is Mon Protocol (MON), a blockchain-native gaming platform aimed at revolutionizing the gaming industry.

Discover how Gate.io’s new airdrop initiative with Mon Protocol (MON) is set to reshape the blockchain gaming landscape, offering lucrative rewards for early adopters.

Gate.io’s New Airdrop: Mon Protocol (MON) In Focus

Gate.io has announced its latest project through the Startup Free Airdrop Program: Mon Protocol (MON). This initiative does not require users to provide funds upfront, ensuring full returns of their participation after the event. Mon Protocol is a prominent player in blockchain gaming, aiming to integrate large-scale adoption of blockchain-native games.

What is Mon Protocol (MON)

The Mon Protocol focuses on developing and publishing blockchain-native gaming IPs for mass adoption. It leverages blockchain technology to enhance gamer engagement and foster a robust community. Some of their notable projects include Pixelmon Games, Pixelpals, Warriors of Nova Thera, and Hunting Grounds. The platform has built a substantial following, boasting over a million web3-savvy gamers and fans.

Token Economics of Mon Protocol (MON)

  • Token Name: MON Protocol
  • Token Symbol: MON
  • Max Supply:1,000,000,000
  • Token Type: ERC-20

How to Buy Mon Protocol (MON)

For a seamless and secure acquisition of MON and other cryptocurrencies, utilize our endorsed exchange for your investments.

Understanding the Impact of Airdrops on Token Distribution

Airdrops serve as a marketing tool and customer reward mechanism that often leads to community growth. By distributing tokens freely, projects like Mon Protocol attract grassroots support and foster community engagement. With 30% of tokens (300,000,000 MON) allocated to the community, the airdrop ensures broad distribution and initial liquidity.


Gate.io’s Startup Free Airdrop Program offers users a unique way to participate in groundbreaking blockchain projects without financial risk. Mon Protocol, with its extensive gaming landscape and dedicated community, is an exemplary project poised for significant growth. For users and investors, this is an opportunity to engage with an innovative gaming platform and enjoy potential long-term rewards.

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