Will Bitcoin [BTC] Hold $67K Post-FOMC? Key Levels to Watch and Market Sentiment Analysis

  • Bitcoin (BTC) is currently experiencing significant attention, having hit long liquidity at the $67K mark, which could potentially reverse recent losses following the FOMC meeting.
  • Trading experts are maintaining a short-term optimistic outlook despite the recent dips in valuation.
  • A noteworthy quotation from a trading firm highlights increased bullish sentiments in the market despite the downturn.

The latest trends in Bitcoin indicate potential upward movement after hitting key liquidity levels, despite recent bearish conditions. Discover expert insights and future projections in this detailed analysis.

Bitcoin Predictions: Can $67K Withstand Market Pressure?

The recent decline in Bitcoin’s price saw it touching the critical $67K support level, which has historically offered a protective barrier against further descents. Market analysts are closely monitoring to see if this level will hold post-FOMC announcements.

Short-Term Market Dynamics and Sentiment

Bitcoin’s plunge has mirrored bearish sentiments seen following a stronger-than-expected US Jobs report. This report has set the stage for heightened volatility ahead of the FOMC meeting on June 12. The intersection of fiscal policies and market reactions poses a pivotal moment for BTC’s immediate future.

Presently, BTC has tested the short-term demand zone around $66.8K to $67.92K, which Hyblock Capital has identified as a crucial area of long liquidity. Investors and traders are eyeing this zone, anticipating potential movements influenced by upcoming institutional decisions.

Analysis and Expert Opinions

The higher timeframe (HTF) charts underscore a downward trend in buying pressure, as evidenced by a declining Relative Strength Index (RSI). However, capital inflows remain robust, suggesting a still-significant investor interest in Bitcoin. The Chaikin Money Flow (CMF) indicator corroborates this, showing inflows that are slightly above average.

Moreover, discussions among policymakers, notably U.S. Senators including Elizabeth Warren, are contributing to market speculation. These Senators have been urging the Federal Reserve to potentially lower interest rates, which, if realized, could maintain the $67K support level.

The recent drop in BTC price has cleared the liquidity at $68K, with the next targets at $70K and $72K. Should Bitcoin aim for this overhead liquidity, it could effectively reverse recent losses, according to data from Coinglass.

Trading firms like QCP Capital are observing increased bullish options trading, indicating that some market participants are optimistic about Bitcoin’s near-term prospects. This is reflected in their trading desk’s data, which shows a preference for Call options over Put options, reflecting a bullish bias.

Additionally, Deribit, a leading crypto options platform, has noted a similar trend. Their analysis suggests a potential rally in Bitcoin’s price, with technical indicators supporting a bullish outlook. The adoption of advanced trading strategies, such as Call Butterfly Spreads, further indicates trader optimism.

Potential Outcomes and Future Outlook

While there is a considerable amount of optimism, a hawkish stance from the Federal Reserve could challenge the bullish narrative, potentially pushing Bitcoin’s price lower to around $64K. However, if the FOMC’s decisions are perceived as favorable, BTC could stabilize and even climb past the $70K mark, tapping into the accumulated long liquidity above.


The volatility surrounding Bitcoin continues to be driven by macroeconomic factors and market sentiment. The $67K support level remains a crucial threshold, with potential reactions to upcoming FOMC announcements likely dictating Bitcoin’s short-term trajectory. Investors and traders should remain vigilant, as the interplay between market dynamics and institutional policies will significantly impact future movements.

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