XRP Faces Legal Challenges: Court Rules XRP Could Be a Security in Retail Sales

  • Ripple’s legal struggle with the SEC over XRP’s status continues to unfold.
  • New court decisions introduce further complexities and implications.
  • Judge Hamilton’s ruling brings significant developments to light.

Ripple’s tumultuous legal battle with the SEC introduces new ramifications for XRP’s status. Discover the latest court rulings and market impacts.

Is XRP a Security Under the Law?

On June 20th, U.S. District Judge Phyllis Hamilton of the Northern District of California issued a pivotal ruling stating that XRP could qualify as a security if retailed to individual investors. This decision permits a lawsuit to move forward, contesting declarations made by Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse.

Interestingly, four other allegations that Ripple failed to classify XRP as a security were dismissed by Judge Hamilton.

Implications of Judge Hamilton’s Decision

Despite the dismissal of multiple claims, legal challenges continue to shadow Ripple Labs. The court’s refusal to grant Ripple Labs’ request for summary judgment emphasizes unresolved legal queries. Consequently, the focal point at trial will be whether Garlinghouse’s comments amounted to investor misinformation. Reacting to this result, Ripple’s chief legal officer, Stu Alderoty, expressed relief that numerous class action claims were discarded, leaving one state-level claim for trial scrutiny.

Examining Ripple’s Statements from 2017

Reflecting on past declarations, Brad Garlinghouse’s 2017 interview with Canada’s BNN Bloomberg includes the statement, “I’m long XRP, I’m very, very long XRP as a percentage of my personal balance sheet.” The current lawsuit challenges this claim, asserting that Garlinghouse offloaded millions of XRP during that timeframe.

Understanding the Legal Criteria

In a previous ruling, Judge Analisa Torres categorized XRP as a security per the Howey test when sold to institutional buyers. Judge Hamilton further elaborated that individual (non-institutional) buyers aim to gain profits from Ripple’s endeavors, meeting the Howey test criteria for XRP to be considered a security. Consequently, the lawsuit alleging Garlinghouse’s misleading statements is set to proceed to trial.

Current XRP Market Trends

Amid ongoing litigation, XRP’s market behavior reflects the turmoil. Currently trading at $0.4912, XRP faced a 1.74% decline in the last 24 hours, as per COINOTAG’s analysis. Santiment’s data reveals fluctuating social volume and rising social dominance, indicating potential positive shifts for XRP in the near term.


Ripple’s ongoing legal entanglements with regulatory bodies underscore the uncertain regulatory environment governing cryptocurrencies. Judge Hamilton’s recent ruling exemplifies the continuing legal uncertainty surrounding XRP, while market activities hint at potential upcoming developments. Stakeholders should closely monitor these dynamics to navigate future market conditions effectively.

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