XRP Ledger to Introduce Tokenized Gold and Silver Stablecoins in Q3 2024

  • The cryptocurrency market continues to evolve with groundbreaking developments and strategic partnerships.
  • Recent moves by key players indicate significant shifts and future trajectories of major blockchain networks.
  • Notable actions from longstanding market participants reveal potential market influence and shifts.

Discover the most recent and impactful developments in the cryptocurrency sphere and what they mean for the market’s future.

XRP Ledger Ready to Adopt Tokenized Gold and Silver in Q3, 2024

The integration of traditional assets into digital networks is gaining traction, as evidenced by Meld Gold’s recent partnership with Ripple. This significant collaboration aims to launch stablecoins that are backed by physical gold and silver. Each token, representing one gram of these precious metals, will be securely held by MKS Pamp and Imperial Vaults. These tokens are set to become active on the XRP Ledger by Q3, 2024. Michael Cotton, CEO of Meld Gold, highlighted the importance of this move, stating, “Integrating XRPL as another blockchain alongside Algorand enhances accessibility to assets like gold and silver, leveraging industry-leading technology.”

Cardano on the Verge of “Most Significant” Milestone in Its History

Cardano is poised to reach a critical point with the anticipated release of Cardano Node 9.0. According to Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, this development will facilitate the activation of the Chang fork, moving the network into the Voltaire era. With 70% of stake pool operators expected to adopt the new node, Cardano’s decentralization and transparency are slated for substantial improvement. Hoskinson envisions Cardano evolving into “a decentralized global civilization with millions of participants, advanced governance, and communal wisdom.”

Cardano’s Voltaire Phase: A New Dawn for Blockchain Governance

The Voltaire phase is more than just a technical upgrade; it represents a transformative period for Cardano. By integrating decentralized governance and transparent infrastructure, Cardano aims to set new industry standards. This phase will introduce mechanisms for community-driven decision-making and budget allocations, positioning Cardano not just as a blockchain network but as an innovative decentralized ecosystem.

Ancient ETH Whale Wakes Up and Moves Significant Funds to Kraken

Colin Wu reported an intriguing activity involving an Ethereum whale that had been dormant for several years. This entity, which had initially received 67,000 ETH from the Ethereum Foundation in 2015, recently transferred 15,200 ETH to the Kraken exchange. Valued at approximately $56.1 million, this transfer is significant given the whale’s historical inactivity. The whale, which participated in the Ethereum Genesis block, still holds around 41,000 ETH. Recent transactions highlight the potential influence long-term holders can have in the market, especially during periods of high liquidity movement.

The Implications of Long-Dormant Whales Activating

Such transactions by dormant whales can have profound implications on market sentiment and price stability. The strategic movement of large sums of cryptocurrency after prolonged inactivity often signals underlying shifts or strategic realignments within the holder’s portfolio. Market analysts closely monitor these activities to infer broader trends and potential impacts on market dynamics.


The cryptocurrency landscape is continuously shaped by technological advances and strategic maneuvers by key players. The integration of tokenized traditional assets on the XRP Ledger, the evolutionary strides of Cardano, and significant movements by longstanding whales all signal a dynamic and ever-evolving market. For investors and enthusiasts alike, staying informed about these developments is essential for navigating the complexities of the digital currency domain and capitalizing on emerging opportunities.

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