21Shares Predicts Significant Growth for Bitcoin Market Amidst Institutional Delays

  • The digital assets market is still in its infancy, according to experts in the field.
  • Despite having reached an overall market cap of $2.6 trillion, much of the trading activity is attributed to early adopters.
  • Ophelia Snyder, co-founder of 21Shares, notes the potential for significant growth as institutional involvement remains minimal.

Discover why the crypto market is just getting started and what it means for future investments.

Early Stages of Crypto Market Growth

The president of 21Shares, Ophelia Snyder, emphasized in a recent Bloomberg interview that the cryptocurrency market is still in its early stages. Despite achieving a market cap of $2.6 trillion, Snyder highlights that the current participation primarily involves early adopters. She points out that many institutions have yet to invest, and financial intermediaries are still cautious, indicating that the market has substantial room for growth.

Influx of Assets into US Crypto Products

Snyder mentioned the influx of significant assets into US-based cryptocurrency products, particularly ETFs, which are among the most successful in history. This reflects growing investor interest, although the market remains predominantly in the hands of early participants. Institutions and intermediaries are expected to drive future market expansion as they gradually enter the space.

Approval of Spot Market Bitcoin ETFs

Earlier this year, 21Shares achieved a milestone with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approving their spot market Bitcoin ETFs. This approval has attracted billions of dollars in investments, solidifying Bitcoin’s position as the leading digital asset. Snyder believes that this is just the beginning, with potential for more institutional investors to join the market.

Awaiting Ethereum ETF Approval

21Shares has also modified its application for Ethereum (ETH) ETFs, anticipating SEC approval. However, Snyder predicts that ETH ETFs will be less successful compared to their Bitcoin counterparts. She attributes this to the complexity of Ethereum and the relatively lower levels of investor education and awareness about ETH. The company expects that as educational efforts increase, so will the investment interest in Ethereum-based products.


In summary, the digital assets market is still in its nascent stages with significant growth potential. With institutional investors and financial intermediaries beginning to show interest, the market’s expansion seems promising. While Bitcoin ETFs have seen substantial success, Ethereum ETFs face a steeper climb due to their complexity and the need for greater investor education. Overall, the future outlook for cryptocurrency investments appears bright as the market matures.

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