Alchemy Pay and Danal Forge Global Partnership to Revolutionize Crypto and Fiat Payments

  • Alchemy Pay, Danal, and Danal Fintech have forged a strategic partnership aimed at enhancing their global payment solutions and cooperation.
  • This collaboration aims to leverage expertise in both physical and virtual asset payments to advance their presence in the international market.
  • CEO of Danal Fintech, Son Kyung-hwan, underscores the significance of this union in their global market expansion strategy.

Alchemy Pay, Danal, and Danal Fintech have inked a strategic collaboration to bolster global payment networks, signaling significant advancements in the realm of physical and virtual asset payments.

Strategic Collaboration to Enhance Global Payment Solutions

Alchemy Pay, a prominent Singapore-based payment gateway known for bridging crypto and fiat currencies, has entered into a strategic alliance with South Korean firms Danal and Danal Fintech. This move aims to expand their global footprint and optimize payment solutions across various markets.

Commitment to Synergy and Innovation

This partnership marks a substantial commitment to synergize their capabilities in both physical and virtual asset payment markets. By combining their expertise, the collaboration is poised to drive innovation and substantial progress in Korea as well as the global payment ecosystem. The focus will be on creating a more cohesive and efficient payment network.

Advancing Market Expansion Efforts

Son Kyung-hwan, CEO of Danal Fintech, highlighted the importance of this strategic alliance in their global expansion plans. According to Kyung-hwan, this partnership will facilitate in-depth discussions on enhancing payment solutions and formulating robust global marketing strategies, thereby easing their market entry and expansion efforts internationally.

Expanding International Relationships

Danal is committed to broadening its relationships with global payment partners to support its international business expansion. A spokesperson from Danal emphasized that this agreement is part of their broader initiative to fortify their global payment network. The recent partnership with PayPal, followed by this collaboration with Alchemy Pay, is instrumental in strengthening Danal’s position and competitiveness on the global stage.

Opportunities in the Korean Market

Alchemy Pay views the Korean market as a significant growth opportunity. Partnering with Danal, a key payment gateway player in Korea, alongside Danal Fintech, which specializes in real-world virtual asset payments, represents a strategic move. This partnership provides an excellent opportunity for Alchemy Pay to explore and establish a robust global payment cooperation system within the Korean market.

Comprehensive Payment Solutions

Founded in Singapore in 2017, Alchemy Pay has been at the forefront of connecting cryptocurrencies with traditional fiat currencies. The company offers a myriad of solutions, including On & Off Ramps for crypto-fiat transactions, Crypto Cards for global spending, and a Web3 Digital Bank that supports multi-fiat accounts and fiat-crypto conversions. Their services extend to 173 countries, positioning them as a pivotal player in the payment solutions arena.


The strategic partnership between Alchemy Pay, Danal, and Danal Fintech marks a significant milestone in the global payment industry. By combining their expertise and resources, these companies are set to drive innovation and create a more efficient and expansive payment ecosystem. This collaboration not only enhances their market presence but also sets a precedent for future international cooperation in the payment sector.

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