Aptos (APT) Leads the List of 7 Altcoins to Avoid Amidst Massive Token Unlocks

  • The cryptocurrency market prepares for significant changes as massive token unlocks approach.
  • These events can impact supply dynamics and potentially affect valuations.
  • Details of the specific altcoins to be influenced by these unlocks are discussed below.

Discover the impact of upcoming token unlocks on seven major altcoins and what it means for the crypto market this week.

Massive Token Unlocks: What to Expect

In the cryptocurrency arena, the upcoming week promises to be turbulent as several altcoins undergo significant token unlocks. Token unlocks, which involve releasing previously restricted tokens into the circulation, can dramatically alter market dynamics. Increased supply often leads to price volatility, presenting potential risks and opportunities for traders.

The Economic Impact of Token Unlocks

The release of a substantial volume of tokens could exert downward pressure on prices, especially if there is insufficient demand to absorb the additional supply. This scenario could be detrimental for investors holding these altcoins, as increased selling pressure may lead to significant price drops. Here we will delve into the specific altcoins set to experience token unlocks and analyze their potential market impact.

Altcoins Facing Major Token Unlocks Next Week

According to data from Token Unlocks App, a total of $237.46 million worth of cryptos will be unlocked in the following week. The altcoins poised to experience these unlocks include:

Aptos (APT)

Aptos will unlock 11.31 million APT tokens valued at approximately $96.36 million on June 12. This release accounts for 2.58% of its circulating supply. Such a significant addition to the supply could further pressure APT’s price, which has already declined by 8% to $8.39 in the past day.

Starknet (STRK)

Starknet is set to unlock 64 million STRK tokens worth $76.16 million on June 15, equating to 4.92% of its total supply. With the price of STRK already down 11.21% to $1.17, the impending unlock could signify further challenges for the altcoin in the upcoming week.

Immutable (IMX)

Immutable will release 25.53 million IMX tokens on June 14, valued at $53.36 million. This represents 1.72% of its circulating supply. The token has seen a 7.83% drop to $2.05 recently, highlighting potential vulnerabilities as the unlock date draws closer.


On June 14, CYBER will unlock approximately 886,120 tokens worth $7.47 million, constituting 3.96% of its circulating supply. CYBER has already experienced a 7.04% price drop to $8.45, indicating bearish market sentiment.


dYdX is scheduled for a token release on June 11, involving 1.55 million tokens valued at $2.94 million. This represents 0.55% of its circulating supply. DYDX has seen a substantial decline of 11.39% to $1.90, suggesting that the market may anticipate further selling pressure.

Moonbeam (GLMR)

On June 11, Moonbeam will unlock 3.04 million tokens worth roughly $950,000, equating to 0.35% of its circulating supply. Despite the relatively smaller volume, GLMR has already seen a 9.04% decline to $0.3063, which could continue if the additional supply isn’t absorbed promptly.

1inch (1INCH)

Lastly, 1inch will release 36,430 tokens on June 9, amounting to $17,450 in value and representing 0.06% of its circulating supply. 1INCH has witnessed a 2.19% decrease to $0.4798 recently, reflecting broader market movements.


The imminent token unlocks pose a significant risk to the prices of these altcoins, given the potential for increased supply to outpace demand. Investors should exercise caution and consider market conditions while making trading decisions. The developments in the upcoming week will be critical in shaping the short-term outlook for these cryptocurrencies.

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