Ark Labs Introduces New Bitcoin Layer-2 Payment Network Revolutionizing Transactions

  • Ark Labs is developing a new Bitcoin Layer-2 payment network based on the Ark protocol.
  • This innovative project aims to simplify self-custody without the need for managing nodes and payment channels.
  • Marco Argentieri, CEO of Ark Labs, highlighted the potential for seamless and scalable Bitcoin transactions.

Discover the latest updates on Ark Labs’ efforts to bring a revolutionary Bitcoin Layer-2 payment network designed to simplify transactions and enhance user control.

Ark Labs Introduces a New Bitcoin Layer-2 Payment Network

Ark Labs is spearheading the development of a new payment network for Bitcoin, leveraging the Ark protocol. Unlike the existing Lightning Network, which requires users to manage payment channels and liquidity, Ark aims to provide a more straightforward solution. This new network will eliminate the need for users to manage nodes, making the process more accessible and user-friendly.

Key Features and Benefits of the Ark Protocol

The Ark protocol, launched in 2023, represents a significant advancement in Bitcoin Layer-2 scaling solutions. It is designed to work alongside the Lightning Network while offering a simplified user experience. Marco Argentieri, CEO of Ark Labs, emphasized that the protocol is already operational and capable of providing optimized transactions on the Bitcoin network.

If contracts are enabled on the Bitcoin network, Ark users could enjoy numerous optimizations. However, there is no need to wait, as Ark is already viable on Bitcoin today. With the launch of Ark Labs, we are bringing Ark to life, enabling users to benefit from seamless and scalable transactions immediately.

How the Ark Protocol Operates

Unlike the Lightning Network, the Ark protocol does not require users to manage payment channels or liquidity. Users do not need to set up their nodes; instead, they can start sending and receiving payments using a lightweight wallet on a smartphone. The Ark network consists of Ark Service Providers (ASPs), which users can connect to via Ark-compatible wallets. These ASPs offer trusted servers that facilitate virtual transactions after a deposit, enabling low-cost transfers among users or on-chain transactions as needed.

By ensuring users can operate on-chain, even if ASPs are offline, they retain complete control over their funds.

Exploring More Alternatives for Bitcoin Scaling

Ark Labs is funded by a grant from the Bitcoin-native financial services firm Vulpem Ventures and led by a team of experienced Bitcoin developers. The company will manage the open-source implementation of the Ark protocol, paving the way for others to develop ASPs or Ark-compatible wallets. Several commercial services are already in the works, with the first application expected to launch later this year. Cory Klippsten, CEO of Swan Bitcoin and advisor to Ark Labs, expressed enthusiasm for integrating Ark into their offerings.

It’s clear that Bitcoin needs more scaling alternatives. We continuously explore new technologies that can enhance our Bitcoin services, and Ark is at the top of our list. We look forward to integrating Ark to provide more efficient deposit, withdrawal, and payment options.


Ark Labs is set to revolutionize Bitcoin transactions with its new Layer-2 payment network, promising a simpler, more scalable solution. By eliminating the need for managing nodes and payment channels, Ark aims to deliver a seamless and user-friendly experience, empowering users with greater control over their funds. As the project progresses, it promises to offer valuable alternatives for Bitcoin’s scalability and efficiency.

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