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Alican is a young and dynamic individual at the age of 23, with a deep interest in space exploration, Elon Musk, and following in the footsteps of Atatürk. Alican is an expert in cryptocurrency, price action, and technical analysis. He has a passion for sharing his knowledge and experience through writing and aims to make a positive impact in the world of finance.

Will MATIC Rise to $1? Current MATIC Analysis

When examining the medium-term price chart of MATIC, it can be seen that it has entered an upward trend by surpassing an important resistance zone. According to the analysis, candle closes above certain levels indicate that there is potential for the price to rise even further.

Ethereum ETH Price Analysis: Short-Term and Medium-Term

When examining Ethereum's price chart, it can be seen that it moves around certain support and resistance levels. In this analysis, evaluations have been made on Ethereum's current situation and possible price movements.

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Short-Term and Medium-Term

When examining the short-term price chart of Bitcoin, a sideways movement below the resistance level of $28,500 is observed. However, it is important to surpass a certain resistance level for a bullish expectation. Otherwise, the downward trend may continue, and movement towards lower levels may be observed.

Will Bitcoin Continue to Rise? Current BTC Analysis!

When examining the hourly price chart of Bitcoin, it can be seen that there is a certain resistance zone. Hourly candlestick closures above the $27,465 level specified in the analysis may be an important turning point for BTC. If this level is not exceeded, the downward trend may increase.

Ethereum Investors Should Follow This Level for Upside Potential!

When examining Ethereum's short-term price chart, it is observed that the $1779 level is a strong support and movement above it continues. It is predicted that Ethereum can accelerate its upward movement and move towards new targets with the overcoming of the $1829 resistance mentioned in the analysis.

To Start the Bitcoin Bull Run, This Level Must Be Broken!

When examining Bitcoin's short-term price graph, it can be seen that it has risen to levels of 26,900 dollars in response to the rising trend support. However, achieving 4-hour candlestick closures above the 27,150 dollar level is an important factor. In this article, we will evaluate Bitcoin's current trend and potential movements.

BTC, XAU, DXY, and EXY Analysis: Post-FED Statement!

Gold, Bitcoin, and EXY index are experiencing upward movements around specific levels in their short-term price charts, influenced by the FED statements. This analysis examines the support levels of gold price, resistance levels of Bitcoin, and the upside potential of the EXY index.

Bitcoin (BTC) Mid-Term and Short-Term Analysis May 18, 2023

In this article, we will discuss the potential upward movement and possible support levels that emerged with Bitcoin breaking the resistance level of $27,400. This information provides important guidance for investors and cryptocurrency followers, but does not contain investment advice.

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