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Alican is a young and dynamic individual at the age of 23, with a deep interest in space exploration, Elon Musk, and following in the footsteps of Atatürk. Alican is an expert in cryptocurrency, price action, and technical analysis. He has a passion for sharing his knowledge and experience through writing and aims to make a positive impact in the world of finance.

Will Bitcoin Rise To $50,000? Current BTC Analysis

Bitcoin is trading at $48,400 and may rise to $50,777 if it closes above $48,200. However, caution is advised in the range of $50,777 - $52,000. Corrections are common in the crypto market, so careful consideration is necessary before spot investments.

Where is the Solana Rise Target? Current SOL Analysis!

Solana is trading near the $108 resistance on the 8-hour chart, with a potential target of $111.84 if it surpasses this level. However, caution is advised in the $111.84 - $117.20 resistance range on the 6-hour timeframe.

Medium Term Ethereum Technical Analysis! What Awaits Its Investors?

When examining the medium-term technical chart of Ethereum, strong buying pressure is observed, pushing the price up from the $2139 support to the $2350 region. However, for the price to sustain its upward movement, it needs to surpass the $2407 resistance.

Can Bitcoin Fall To $35,000 Levels? Current BTC Analysis

When examining Bitcoin's 5-day technical chart, the analysis from January 18 is ongoing, indicating a continued downward movement from the $48,189 level. Bitcoin needs to close 5-day candles above the $44,200 resistance to gain momentum for an upward trend. 

Medium Term Bitcoin Analysis! Will The Rise Continue?

Bitcoin's 8-hour technical chart shows the price above the $42,179 support, with potential for a downward move if it closes below this level.

Will Bitcoin Rise to $45,000 Again? Current BTC Analysis

Bitcoin's 8-hour technical chart suggests potential bearish movement towards the $40,720 - $40,410 support range if it fails to close above $42,440. A bearish wick to $39,600 is possible.

Key Areas for Ethereum Investors to Monitor! Updated ETH Analysis!

The 8-hour Ethereum chart indicates a trend support around $2407 - $2347, suggesting a potential downward move. A bounce from this support may lead to an upward movement, targeting $2500 and $2763. 

Will Bitcoin Continue to Decline? Current BTC Analysis

BTC faced selling pressure at $48,500, leading to a 15% decline to $41,319. Attempting to recover from the $40,720 - $40,410 support range, BTC needs 4-hour closes above $40,400 to target $42,170.

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