Beyond GameStop: Top 10 Stocks ‘Roaring Kitty’ Could Target Next – A Financial Expert’s Perspective

  • Meme-stock influencer Roaring Kitty has once again caused a surge in GameStop shares, but there are potentially more profitable targets beyond the S&P 500.
  • Ten stocks in the S&P Composite 1500 have 30% or more of their shares available for trade in the hands of short sellers, significantly higher than GameStop’s 24%.
  • These stocks with high short interest could be ripe for social media market manipulation, leading to rapid losses for short sellers and potentially lucrative gains for investors.

Explore the potential of meme stocks beyond GameStop, as Roaring Kitty’s influence causes a resurgence in the meme stock phenomenon.

GameStop Frenzy Returns

Investors were reminded of the 2020 meme stock phenomenon when Roaring Kitty posted a cryptic message about GameStop on social media. This led to a 74% increase in GameStop shares, indicative of a “short squeeze” where investors betting on a stock’s fall rush to buy its shares to prevent further losses. However, there could be even greater potential with more heavily shorted stocks.

The Most Shorted Stocks

Industrial SunPower holds the title for the most-shorted S&P 1500 stock, with over 94% of its shares controlled by shorts. Despite the stock’s shares dropping more than 40% this year, it remains a potential target for meme investors. Financial firms B. Riley and Arbor Realty Trust also have high short interest, with their shares controlled by short sellers at 57% and 40% respectively. With Roaring Kitty’s influence, these stocks could become the next targets for the meme stock phenomenon.

Most Shorted S&P 1500 Stocks

Here is a list of the most shorted S&P 1500 stocks based on shares available for trade:

CompanyTickerShort % of floatSector
B. Riley Financial(RILY)57.2%Financials
Arbor Realty Trust(ABR)40.0%Financials


While GameStop’s resurgence has caught the attention of investors, it’s important to consider other stocks with high short interest. As the meme stock phenomenon continues, these stocks could potentially offer greater returns. However, investors should always approach with caution and conduct thorough research before making any investment decisions.

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