Biconomy Integrates AI Agents for Autonomous On-Chain Transactions With Delegated Authorization Network (DAN)

  • Biconomy is advancing Web3 infrastructure by introducing AI agents that autonomously manage on-chain transactions.
  • This development utilizes the Delegated Authorization Network (DAN), which acts as an authorization layer for these automated transactions.
  • Biconomy’s co-founder Aniket Jindal highlights that DAN is a new concept allowing users to delegate trading activities to AI agents.

Discover how Biconomy’s Delegated Authorization Network (DAN) is reshaping the landscape of on-chain transactions with secure and autonomous AI agents.

How Will DAN Transform On-chain Transactions?

The core of DAN is the delegation of authority, which lets AI agents manage trading accounts and execute transactions based on user-defined parameters. Once permissions are established with a decentralized application (DApp), users can specify their fund allocation and trading strategies for these AI agents to follow.

AI agents under DAN can operate autonomously or semi-autonomously, executing everything from routine tasks to complex decision-making based on predefined criteria or learned behaviors. This enhances what traditional AI trading bots offer, providing more refined asset management and portfolio optimization capabilities.

Ensuring Secure and Private Transactions

Biconomy’s DAN guarantees secure and private transactions by using a sharding mechanism for key management. Authorization keys are divided into multiple parts and distributed across a decentralized node network, ensuring enhanced security since no single node has complete access to any key.

Moreover, Biconomy employs EigenLayer to maintain node integrity and performance within the DAN network. EigenLayer validators must reclaim Ethereum assets, with penalties for malicious activities, thereby ensuring secure AI engagement in on-chain transactions without compromising self-custody principles.

Discerning the Advantages

  • AI agents can autonomously handle trading accounts.
  • DAN provides a secure and efficient authorization layer for transactions.
  • Enhanced capabilities in asset allocation and portfolio optimization by AI agents.
  • Improved security through a key management sharding mechanism.

Anticipated Growth in AI Utilization

The financial sector is set to witness substantial growth in the utilization of AI agents. A report from Grand View Research estimates that the global market for autonomous AI and agents will reach approximately $70.53 billion by 2030, growing at an annual rate of 42.8% from 2023 to 2030. Financial institutions are increasingly integrating AI agents for automating tasks such as trading, risk management, and fraud detection.

Biconomy’s integration of AI agents into on-chain transactions represents a significant leap in automating financial processes within the Web3 ecosystem. DAN not only enhances transaction management with a secure, autonomous, and user-friendly authorization layer but also demonstrates the broader potential of AI in revolutionizing financial operations.


Biconomy’s implementation of the Delegated Authorization Network (DAN) marks a pivotal advancement in Web3 infrastructure. By leveraging AI agents for secure and autonomous transaction management, DAN is poised to significantly influence the future of on-chain financial activities. This development underscores the growing importance and potential of AI in enhancing efficiency, security, and sophistication in the financial sector. As the market for AI agents expands, their impact on financial operations is expected to grow, heralding a new era of automated, intelligent transaction management.

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