Bill Miller Remains Bullish on Bitcoin: Sees Significant Room for Growth

  • Legendary investor Bill Miller maintains a bullish stance on Bitcoin, asserting its potential for significant growth.
  • Miller highlights Bitcoin’s intrinsic value and its role in shifting perspectives on capital and governance.
  • “The promise of Bitcoin is simple,” Miller notes, emphasizing decentralized control over purchasing power.

Bill Miller continues to champion Bitcoin’s potential, highlighting its pivotal role in transforming financial paradigms and its underestimated market value.

Bill Miller’s Persistent Faith in Bitcoin’s Potential

Veteran investor Bill Miller remains undeterred in his confidence in Bitcoin’s future, despite its proximity to all-time highs. On Tuesday, Miller articulated his belief that Bitcoin’s “intrinsic value” vastly surpasses its current market capitalization, positioning it at the heart of a fundamental shift in how we perceive capital and its stewardship.

The Intrinsic Value and Evolutionary Impact of Bitcoin

According to Miller, Bitcoin’s value proposition is straightforward: shielding individuals from centralized control over their purchasing power. He asserts that the blockchain technology underpinning Bitcoin is markedly superior to traditional fiat systems, with the current market capitalization of $1.5 trillion representing just a minuscule portion of its true potential.

Historical Advocacy and Predictive Insights

Miller has been an ardent advocate for Bitcoin for several years. Back in 2015, Miller Value Partners released a research paper titled “A Value Investor’s Case For Bitcoin,” projecting that Bitcoin could emulate gold as a store of value. At that time, they projected a potential price of $314,000 per Bitcoin, assuming it captured gold’s market share. Despite initially assigning a low probability to this outcome, Miller now finds such valuations increasingly plausible, especially against the backdrop of a world teetering on the edge of a “quadrillion dollars” of capital.

Track Record and Diversified Investments

Bill Miller’s investment acumen is well-documented. During his tenure at Legg Mason, he consistently beat the stock market for fifteen consecutive years between 1991 and 2005. A testament to his foresight, Miller’s purchase of Amazon (AMZN) shares during its IPO in 1997 has since yielded returns exceeding 205,000%. As of 2022, Miller disclosed that his portfolio is equally divided between Amazon and Bitcoin, with investments in Bitcoin made using leverage.


Miller’s unwavering advocacy for Bitcoin underscores his conviction that the digital asset remains in its nascent stages. He admonishes those who ignore Bitcoin’s potential, suggesting that their oversight will be as detrimental in the coming decade as it has been in the past. For Miller, the transformative promise of Bitcoin is just beginning.

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