Binance Assists BtcTurk in Recovering $5.3M After Major Bitcoin and Avalanche Hack

  • Binance CEO Richard Teng reveals involvement in the investigation of the BtcTurk crypto exchange hack.
  • The leading exchange has already frozen over $5.3 million of stolen crypto assets.
  • Teng emphasizes Binance’s commitment to safeguarding the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Binance aids in halting the movement of stolen cryptocurrency funds, freezing over $5.3 million, as investigations continue into the BtcTurk hack.

Binance Assists in BtcTurk Hack Investigation

In a recent announcement, Binance CEO Richard Teng confirmed that the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange is playing a pivotal role in the probe of the substantial security breach on Turkish crypto platform BtcTurk. According to Teng, Binance’s proactive measures have led to the freezing of over $5.3 million worth of stolen digital assets.

Details of the BtcTurk Security Breach

The hack was detected on June 22nd, targeting hot wallets of 10 different cryptocurrencies on BtcTurk’s platform. However, the exchange has assured its users that the majority of their assets, kept in cold wallets, remain untouched. To mitigate further risks, BtcTurk has temporarily suspended deposits and withdrawals until the ongoing investigations are fully resolved.

Financial Safeguards and Continued Investigation

BtcTurk has reassured its user base that the company’s financial stability is robust enough to cover the affected amounts, promising that customer funds will not be compromised. In addition, the exchange’s security teams, along with Binance, are deeply engaged in thorough investigative efforts. Official authorities have also been brought into the loop to assist in tackling the security breach comprehensively.

Movement of Stolen Funds and On-chain Analysis

Pseudonymous blockchain investigator ZachXBT provided crucial insights into the movements of the stolen funds. Preliminary analysis indicated that the hackers shifted $54.2 million worth of Avalanche (AVAX) and subsequently withdrew over $46 million in Bitcoin (BTC) from both Coinbase and Binance. The meticulous timing analysis by ZachXBT traced 587.75 BTC ($38.1 million) being withdrawn from Coinbase and 122.66 BTC ($7.95 million) from Binance within a short duration after the AVAX deposits.

Impact on Regulatory and Security Measures

This incident has raised significant concerns regarding the security protocols of cryptocurrency exchanges. The ability of Binance to intercept and freeze a substantial portion of the illicit funds serves as a testament to the technological and operational advancements in crypto security. However, it also underscores the constant threats and challenges faced by crypto platforms globally.


The collaborative efforts by Binance and BtcTurk, combined with the stringent regulatory involvement, highlight the critical need for robust security measures within the cryptocurrency sphere. As the investigation progresses, users and stakeholders await further updates, with the assurance that their assets remain secure. This incident serves as a critical reminder of the persistent vigilance required to protect against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.

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