Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) Rallies 9% Post BtcTurk Delisting and Binance’s $5.3M Fund Freeze

  • Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) price sees a dramatic surge following significant market events.
  • Binance steps in to ensure security by freezing a substantial amount of stolen funds.
  • The delisting of LUNC from BtcTurk triggers a remarkable increase in trading volume and price.

Discover how recent developments have catalyzed a 9% spike in Terra Luna Classic’s price, and the strategic moves by Binance to secure the market.

BtcTurk Delists LUNC Amidst Major Hack

The Turkish cryptocurrency exchange, BtcTurk, has made the decision to delist Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) following a significant security breach. This hack compromised approximately 434 billion LUNC tokens, undermining the exchange’s trust. However, BtcTurk reassured its users that assets stored in cold wallets remain secure and user funds are unaffected due to their financial stability.

Immediate Market Reactions and Binance’s Intervention

In response to the hack, Binance took decisive action by freezing $5.3 million of stolen funds, contributing to the stabilization of LUNC’s market. Such intervention not only mitigates immediate risks but also enhances the long-term prospects of the token by eliminating fraudulent transactions.

Implications for LUNC’s Market Dynamics

LUNC’s price soared by 9% subsequent to its delisting on BtcTurk, alongside a significant increase in trading volume by 600%. The delisting and the associated freeze of stolen funds appear to have positively impacted investor sentiment, driving a robust market performance for LUNC.

Long-Term Prospects for LUNC and USTC

With Binance’s ongoing support and the Terra Classic community’s efforts to reduce the token supply, LUNC continues to show resilience. Recently, over 6.5 billion LUNC tokens were burned, reflecting a concerted effort to stabilize and enhance the value of the token. This strategic burning plan, advocated by Terra Classic’s CEO, aims to reduce circulating supply and drive up token prices.


The recent events surrounding LUNC, from its delisting on BtcTurk to Binance’s significant intervention, have collectively spurred a notable increase in its market price and trading volume. These developments underline the importance of community and exchange actions in maintaining market integrity and stability. As efforts to burn tokens continue, the long-term outlook for LUNC appears promising, potentially leading to sustained market growth.

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