Binance Expands Trading Options: Adds Three New Coins to Platform

  • The cryptocurrency market has seen a considerable amount of activity recently, with various exchanges adding new coins to their platforms, offering investors more options.
  • This surge in new listings is providing investors with opportunities to diversify their strategies and leverage new trading possibilities.
  • Significantly, Binance is expanding its offerings, introducing new coins and enhancing its trading bot services, which has been met with considerable interest from traders.

Stay updated with the latest crypto market trends and Binance’s new listings to make informed investment decisions.

Binance Broadens Its Trading Options

Tomorrow at 11:00 AM GMT, Binance is set to expand its trading options, providing its users with more opportunities. The platform will launch three new trading pairs: HIGH/TRY, PEOPLE/FDUSD, and TNSR/USDC. Alongside these new pairs, Binance is offering zero transaction fees for makers (those placing buy orders) trading any coins with FDUSD indefinitely.

New Benefits for USDC Trading Pairs

Further benefits include discounted transaction fees for takers (those placing sell orders) in all USDC spot and margin trading pairs. Additionally, Binance will enable Spot Algorithmic Orders for HIGH/TRY, PEOPLE/FDUSD, and TNSR/USDC at the same time, allowing users to automate their trading strategies with these new assets.

Activity Across Other Exchanges

Today, the cryptocurrency market is experiencing a flurry of activity across multiple exchanges. Several notable developments include:

  • YES Money (YES): YES Coin is launching today.
  • Bad Idea AI (BAD): BAD Coin is listed with the BAD/USDT pair on CoinW exchange at 1:00 PM GMT.
  • DeMR (DMR): DMR Coin is listed with the DMR/USDT pair on Bitget exchange at 11:00 AM GMT.
  • Ledgity Token (LDY): LDY Coin is listed on both BitMart and MEXC Global exchanges with the LDY/USDT pair today.
  • Zeus Network (ZEUS): Kraken has announced the listing of ZEUS Coin, with specific trading details yet to be confirmed.
  • Trailblaze (XBLAZE): XBLAZE Coin is listed on MEXC exchange with the XBLAZE/USDT pair at 5:00 PM GMT.
  • Hava Coin (HAVA): HAVA Coin is listed on MEXC exchange with the HAVA/USDT pair at 6:00 PM GMT.

Binance’s new listings and expanded trading bot capabilities are clear indicators of the dynamic state of the cryptocurrency market. These developments offer investors new opportunities to discover and diversify. However, it is crucial that investors conduct thorough research to select the most suitable coins for their portfolios.


The recent flurry of activity in the cryptocurrency markets underscores the rapid evolution and increasing adoption of digital assets. Binance’s new listings and improved trading tools provide further opportunities for savvy investors. As always, conducting thorough research and staying up-to-date with market news is essential for making informed investment decisions.

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