Binance Freezes Thousands of Accounts, Announces Delisting for 7 Coins!

  • Crypto exchanges are increasingly facing fraud and fake account attempts recently.
  • This issue adversely impacts both investor security and the reputation of the platforms.
  • In response, Binance took strong action by freezing 297 primary accounts linked to fraudulent activities during their Megadrop event.

Learn about Binance’s rigorous measures against fraud, and their recent decisions on delisting certain cryptocurrencies.

Binance Freezes Accounts Amid Fraud Concerns

Amidst rising incidents of fraudulent account activities, Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has taken a stringent stance. Specifically, during the recent Megadrop event, the platform identified and froze 297 primary accounts that were found manipulating the system for unfair gains. These accounts, controlled by a single entity, used a network of 9,000 distinct KYC accounts to participate in the Megadrop. Binance’s robust risk control systems flagged these accounts among over a million participants, identifying a total of 102,000 fraudulent accounts attempting similar exploits. These culprits purchased KYC credentials to infiltrate the system and gain unjust rewards.

Understanding the Binance Megadrop

The Binance Megadrop initiative was designed as a platform to introduce selected Web3 projects to users before their official listing. Participants could earn airdrop rewards by completing various tasks or locking assets on Binance. In response to the fraudulent activities, Binance’s advanced risk control measures have been increasingly vigilant, leading to the identification and freezing of suspicious accounts. This event has once again highlighted the persistent challenges of fraud and fake accounts faced by crypto platforms.

Binance Announces Delisting of Certain Cryptocurrencies

simultaneously, Binance has decided to delist several trading pairs with low trading volumes and liquidity, effective from June 28, 2024. The delisted spot trading pairs include BLUR/FDUSD, LINK/TUSD, MEME/ETH, METIS/FDUSD, NFP/BNB, OSMO/BTC, and SHIB/TUSD. While these cryptocurrencies will still be available for trading in other pairs, the platform announced the termination of Spot Trading Bots services for these pairs as well. These measures are crucial steps towards maintaining security and fairness in trading on the platform. By combating fake accounts and fraudulent activities, Binance aims to protect its users’ funds and uphold its reputation. Such conscientious efforts reinforce Binance’s commitment to providing a reliable environment for crypto investors.


Binance’s recent actions underscore its dedication to tackling fraud and ensuring platform integrity. By freezing fraudulent accounts and delisting low liquidity trading pairs, the exchange is taking significant steps to enhance security and fairness. These efforts highlight the ongoing challenges in the crypto industry and the pivotal role of stringent controls in maintaining investor trust and platform reputation. As Binance continues to adapt and enforce these measures, users can anticipate a safer trading experience and a more robust ecosystem in the cryptocurrency world.

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