Binance Supports Render Token Rebrand While Major Exchanges Announce New Listings

  • The cryptocurrency market has been witnessing significant activity this week.
  • Exchanges are listing new tokens while existing tokens undergo some changes.
  • Additionally, Binance introduces fresh lending options to its user base.

Discover this week’s crucial updates in the world of cryptocurrencies, including new token listings and developments at major exchanges.

Introduction of New Tokens on Various Exchanges

This week’s standout development in the cryptocurrency world revolves around the listing of new tokens on various exchanges. DigiFinex has caught the market’s attention by listing the uniquely named Monkey Shit Inu (MSI), while Coinstore has added GRELF to its platform. MEXC, striving to diversify investor options, has listed Attarius (ATRS) and Synternet (SYNT).

Extensive Activity by Leading Exchanges

CoinW has emerged as one of the most active exchanges this week, listing both cat in a dogs world (MEW) and Dook (DOOK). Meanwhile, Bitrue has included Data Ownership Protocol (DOP) in its listings, and BitMart has given its users access to Egochain (EGAX). These developments provide investors with ample opportunities to explore new projects and diversify their portfolios.

Binance Supports Render Token Name Change

A significant highlight of the week is the impending name change of the Render (RNDR) token. Binance has announced that on July 22, the RNDR token will be renamed Render (RENDER), and its trading pairs will be updated accordingly. From this date, all RNDR transactions will be suspended, and existing RNDR trading pairs (including RNDR/BTC and RNDR/USDT) will be delisted. New trading pairs for RENDER will be made available from July 26.

Important Considerations for Investors

Binance is committed to ensuring the security of user funds during this transition and will handle all technical operations. Investors should note that RNDR deposits and withdrawals will no longer be supported after July 22, necessitating the completion of all transactions before this deadline.

Expansion of Binance’s Lending Services

In another significant move, Binance has expanded its lending options by integrating new assets into Binance Loans (Flexible Rate) and VIP Loan services. Bittensor (TAO), LayerZero (ZRO), and Lista (LISTA) are now available for these services, allowing users to leverage these assets as collateral for borrowing. Additionally, VIP Loan services now include COTI (COTI), Portal (PORTAL), Sleepless AI (AI), and Vanar (VANRY).

Broader Borrowing Solutions for Users

This expansion reflects Binance’s strategy of providing more tailored borrowing solutions to meet the diverse needs of its investors. Users now have more options to utilize their crypto assets for borrowing, enhancing their managing strategies for their investment portfolios.


Overall, this week in the cryptocurrency market has been marked by new asset listings, token rebranding, and expanded borrowing options, underscoring a period of significant activity and opportunities. Investors are advised to stay updated on these developments to make informed investment decisions. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, join our Telegram group, and YouTube channel to get the latest updates.

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