Binance TH Expands Crypto Trading with Terra Classic (LUNC) and Trending Coins Listing

  • Binance TH expands its list of available cryptocurrencies.
  • Users can now trade several new crypto pairs in Thailand.
  • Expected price surges for LUNC, USTC, and SHIB following news.

Discover the latest expansion in Binance TH’s crypto offerings and what it means for traders in Thailand.

Binance TH Expands Crypto Listings

In a move designed to broaden trading options for users, Binance TH, a collaboration between Binance and Gulf Energy, has announced the addition of numerous trending cryptocurrencies to its platform. The Thai arm of Binance will include Terra Classic (LUNC), USTC, Terra (LUNA), Shiba Inu (SHIB), Celestia (TIA), Wormhole (W), Bittensor (TAO), and others to its trading roster.

New Trading Pairs Announced

As previously confirmed in an official announcement on June 8, Binance TH will activate trading for several new pairs. Starting June 11, users will be able to trade LUNA/USDT, LUNC/USDT, USTC/USDT, TIA/USDT, AR/USDT, TAO/USDT, W/USDT, TRB/USDT, JTO/USDT, and TNSR/USDT. This development underscores Binance’s continual effort to cater to the local market’s demands for a wider array of cryptocurrency options.

Existing Tokens on New Networks

Further expanding its services, Binance TH will also introduce existing tokens on new networks. Ethereum (ETH) will now be listed on Base, Arbitrum, and Optimism networks, whereas SHIB will be accessible on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The introduction of these options is expected to enhance trading flexibility and network interoperability for users.

LUNC, USTC, SHIB, and Other Crypto Prices Poised to Rebound

Following a recent market selloff that saw the global crypto market capitalization decrease by over 3.40% to $2.54 trillion, there is growing optimism among market analysts about a potential rebound. Altcoin prices, specifically those of LUNC, USTC, and SHIB, are anticipated to recover.

In the past 24 hours, LUNC has seen a significant drop of 10%, currently priced at $0.0001064, casting doubts on an imminent rally that traders had hoped for. USTC has experienced a more severe downturn, losing over 12% to trade at $0.02145, erasing the gains it had made earlier in the month.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) has also been impacted, with its price falling over 6% to $0.00002332. Notably, trading volume for SHIB has surged by more than 80%, suggesting heightened market activity and a possible rally in the near term.


The recent listing of new cryptocurrencies by Binance TH signifies a significant stride in expanding trading possibilities for its users. With new trading pairs and enhanced network options, traders can anticipate broader and more versatile investment opportunities. Despite recent market volatility, the potential for price rebounds remains a focal point, offering a glimpse of optimism for crypto investors.

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