Bitcoin ATM Operator Achieves Milestone: Listed on Nasdaq, Price Doubles!

  • Bitcoin Depot, the largest Bitcoin ATM operator in the world, has been listed on Nasdaq and its share price has doubled before market opening.
  • The listing comes after the merger between Bitcoin Depot and GSR II Meteora, worth $885 million.
  • Bitcoin Depot is the first Bitcoin ATM operator to be listed on a major US exchange.

Bitcoin Depot, the world’s largest Bitcoin ATM operator, has made its debut on the Nasdaq technology exchange. The listing follows the merger between Bitcoin Depot and GSR II Meteora, valued at $885 million. Following the listing, Bitcoin Depot shares have doubled in value compared to the previous day’s closing price.

Bitcoin Depot’s Nasdaq Listing

Bitcoin Depot has become the first Bitcoin ATM operator to be listed on a major US exchange. With over 7,500 cryptocurrency ATMs in operation in the US and Canada, the company has experienced rapid growth in line with the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies.

The Merger and Expansion

The recent merger with GSR II Meteora has further solidified Bitcoin Depot’s position in the market. The company’s expansion has not only been limited to ATM operations but also includes the launch of the Bitcoin Depot Wallet. This new addition to their product lineup has attracted attention and contributed to the company’s success.

Positive Outlook and Milestone Achievement

Brandon Mintz, the CEO of Bitcoin Depot, expressed his optimism about the recent developments. He stated that the completion of the merger and the listing on Nasdaq are significant milestones for the entire Bitcoin Depot team. The additional capital raised from this transaction will support their mission of bringing Bitcoin securely to the masses and enable them to pursue numerous growth opportunities.

According to Nasdaq data, following the listing, Bitcoin Depot’s share price climbed from $3.30 to $6.60. As of now, the shares are trading at $3.43.

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