Bitcoin (BTC) Escapes Risk Zone: Is a $100,000 Milestone on the Horizon?

  • Crypto analyst Rekt Capital recently suggested that the worst might be over for Bitcoin, predicting a potential rise to $100,000.
  • Rekt Capital’s analysis indicates that Bitcoin is out of the post-halving “Danger Zone” and entering a re-accumulation phase.
  • Other crypto analysts, including Arthur Hayes, former CEO of BitMEX, and PlanB, also predict a significant rise in Bitcoin’s value in the near future.

Bitcoin may be primed for a significant rise, with predictions of a $100,000 value on the horizon. This follows a period of re-accumulation after the post-halving “Danger Zone”, according to crypto analyst Rekt Capital.

Bitcoin Is Out Of The “Danger Zone”

Rekt Capital mentioned in a post that the Bitcoin Post-Halving “Danger Zone” is officially over. He added that Bitcoin is “celebrating with a good bounce from the Re-Accumulation Range Low support.” The crypto analyst had previously explained that the danger zone was the downside wick that Bitcoin experienced 21 days after the halving in 2016. Rekt Capital also revealed back then that Bitcoin had repeated the 2016 history “perfectly,” with the flagship crypto dropping below the bottom of its current Re-Accumulation range. Meanwhile, based on the crypto analyst’s previous analysis, Bitcoin is now headed for the Re-Accumulation phase, which occurs after the halving.

Rekt Capital’s Predictions for Bitcoin’s Future

Rekt Capital claimed this period usually lasts up to five months but added that it could be shorter this time. The crypto analyst predicts that BTC may maintain a “Regular sideways range and may not last very long before additional uptrend continuation.” Rekt Capital also suggested that $60,600 would likely be the base of the Re-Accumulation range. In a subsequent post, Rekt Capital hinted that things would likely improve from here on for the flagship crypto. He said, “Bitcoin is showing early-stage signs of slowing down in its sell-side momentum, slowly developing a curl against the $60,000 support.” “$60,000 needs to continue to hold as it has long as it has been holding thus far for this curl to progress and eventually lift up,” he added.

$100,000 May Be BTC’s Next Stop After This Phase

Based on price predictions made by several crypto analysts, Bitcoin will likely climb to $100,000 once this period of consolidation is over. One of these analysts is Pseudonymous crypto analyst PlanB, who claimed that BTC hitting this price level this year is “inevitable.” Tom Dunleavy, Partner and Chief Investment Officer (CIO) at MV Capital, had also predicted earlier in the year that Bitcoin would reach $100,000 after the halving. Meanwhile, crypto analyst Ali Martinez suggested that Bitcoin will at least come close to this price level even if it doesn’t eventually reach it. He stated that a surge above $66,250 would give the flagship crypto enough strength to move towards $69,150. Martinez claimed that BTC could advance to a new all-time high (ATH) of $92,190 if it eventually breaches that resistance level.


With Bitcoin moving out of the post-halving “Danger Zone” and into a period of re-accumulation, several crypto analysts predict a significant rise in its value. Predictions range from $60,600 as the base of the re-accumulation range to a potential high of $100,000. While the timeline for these predictions varies, the consensus is that Bitcoin is primed for a significant upward move in the near future.

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