Bitcoin (BTC) Maintains Robust Fundamentals Despite Market Fluctuations: Insights from Bitfinex

  • Bitcoin’s fundamentals remain strong despite a turbulent crypto market, according to the latest Bitfinex Alpha report.
  • Long-term holders are holding onto their bitcoins, while short-term holders are increasing selling pressure.
  • Mining difficulty has decreased by 6%, the largest decrease since December 2022, indicating a decline in the number of Bitcoin miners.

Despite the crypto market’s volatility, Bitcoin’s fundamentals remain strong, with long-term holders holding onto their assets and a significant decrease in mining difficulty.

Long-Term Holders Maintain Their Position

On-chain data reveals that long-term Bitcoin holders have been holding onto their assets for the past two weeks, indicating their strategic positioning for potential entry points at market lows. Conversely, short-term holders are increasing selling pressure, which analysts suggest could be a sign of panic and a shift of liquidity toward altcoins.

Decrease in Mining Difficulty

The Bitcoin network recently experienced a 6% decrease in mining difficulty, the largest since December 2022. This reduction indicates a decline in the number of Bitcoin miners and suggests it is less challenging to validate new blocks. According to Bitfinex analysts, this decrease in competition could lead to a roughly 6% increase in Bitcoin earnings for the remaining miners.

Bitcoin Network Activity Increases

Despite the market’s turmoil, Bitcoin recently processed its one billionth transaction, highlighting significant activity on the network. This surge in activity can be attributed to the launch of new protocols and the spot BTC exchange-traded funds market, which has boosted the network’s usage. However, Bitcoin currently struggles to remain stable above the $63,000 level due to negative economic indicators from the United States.


Bitcoin’s fundamentals remain strong despite a turbulent crypto market. The steadfastness of long-term holders and the decrease in mining difficulty suggest that the network is positioned for future value appreciation. However, the asset’s stability is currently challenged by negative economic indicators.

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