Bitcoin (BTC) Poised for Major Breakout: Analysts Forecast Next Big Move

  • Cryptocurrencies have been in the spotlight following the recent approval of the spot ETH ETF.
  • Despite this, Bitcoin remains the primary focus for investors and analysts.
  • Crypto analyst Mags highlights the potential for Bitcoin to test support around $65,000.

Discover the latest insights on Bitcoin’s price movements and market sentiment in the wake of the spot ETH ETF approval.

How Low Can Bitcoin Drop?

Following significant news, cryptocurrencies often experience price drops, a pattern also seen with ETF approvals. Investors had anticipated a strong sell-off during BTC ETF approval, which caused initial worry. Currently, Bitcoin is maintaining its value near its peak, though cautious sentiment persists among investors after the positive SEC news. Crypto analyst Mags highlights that Bitcoin’s recent failure to surpass its all-time high may lead to a support test around $65,000. Mags suggests that consolidation at this level is probable before the next upward movement.

When Will Bitcoin Hit Bottom?

Analyst George references the price behavior observed on March 14, noting a potential drop to $60,000. He emphasizes the importance of identifying the right entry points for long positions, predicting a significant rise from either the current level or a local bottom area. Expert Poppe echoes these sentiments, predicting prolonged consolidation for Bitcoin, potentially reaching levels between $61,000 and $63,000.

Key Takeaways for Investors

– Monitor Bitcoin’s resistance near the $65,000 range.
– Watch for consolidation patterns as indicators for entering long positions.
– Be aware of economic data, such as the Service PMI, impacting market sentiment.
– Understand the Fed’s inflation targets and their effect on risk markets.

Additionally, the recent dip in Bitcoin’s value is not entirely attributed to ETF approval. The Service PMI data indicates stronger-than-expected economic activity, leading to inflation concerns. The Fed’s delayed target achievement for 2% inflation has made the market outlook less favorable for high-risk assets.


In conclusion, while the approval of the spot ETH ETF has not significantly impacted Bitcoin’s price, the market remains cautious. Analysts suggest that Bitcoin may test support levels around $65,000 before any significant upward movement. Investors should monitor key resistance levels and economic indicators to make informed decisions. The ongoing consolidation phase presents both risks and opportunities, emphasizing the need for strategic entry points in the market.

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