Bitcoin ETF Soars with $66M Inflow: Fidelity’s FBTC Support Fuels Growth

  • The Fidelity Bitcoin ETF FBTC leads a $66 million surge in U.S. Spot Bitcoin ETF inflows, signaling renewed investors’ interest amid the ongoing market recovery.
  • Fidelity’s FBTC attracts a $38.6M inflow, with Bitwise Bitcoin ETF BITB following.
  • The renewed investor confidence in Bitcoin ETFs coincides with market recovery.

Bitcoin ETFs see a $66M inflow, led by Fidelity’s FBTC, reversing the recent outflow trend and indicating renewed investor confidence amidst a market recovery.

U.S. Spot Bitcoin ETF Sector Experiences Resurgence

The U.S. Spot Bitcoin ETF sector experiences a resurgence with a notable $66 million inflow, reversing the previous week’s outflow trend for the last two days. Notably, the recent data reveals that Fidelity’s FBTC leads the influx, signaling renewed investor interest in cryptocurrency-backed exchange-traded funds. Besides, the inflow also comes amid a recovery in the Bitcoin price.

Fidelity’s FBTC Leads Bitcoin Inflow Surge

Following two consecutive days of outflow, the Bitcoin ETF market witnessed a turnaround with a significant $66 million net inflow, as reported by Farside Investors. Notably, Fidelity’s FBTC emerges as the frontrunner, attracting $38.6 million in inflows, followed by Bitwise Bitcoin ETF BITB with $20.3 million. The recent influx also reflects the renewed confidence of the traders in Bitcoin ETFs. Besides, it also coincides with a recovery in Bitcoin’s performance, which surged past the $63,000 mark recently. Notably, this resurgence in investor interest comes amid heightened volatility in the overall market, indicating a renewed appetite for cryptocurrency investments.

Crypto Market Performance

The influx of $66 million into Bitcoin ETFs signals a renewed bullish sentiment among investors, bolstered by Fidelity’s FBTC garnering the lion’s share of inflows. Notably, with Bitcoin’s price rebounding and analysts providing optimistic forecasts, the cryptocurrency market appears poised for further growth and stability in the coming days. As of writing, the crypto market noted a surge of 0.37% to $2.27 trillion, while its overall trading volume rose 50% to $71.79 billion. Meanwhile, the Bitcoin price noted slight gains of 0.33% over the last 24 hours, trading at $61,876.45 at the same time. The BTC price has touched a high of $63,422.66 and a low of $61,400.88 over the last 24 hours, reflecting the still-volatile scenario hovering over the market.


The recent surge in Bitcoin ETF inflows, led by Fidelity’s FBTC, signals a renewed investor interest and confidence in the cryptocurrency market. This development, coupled with the ongoing market recovery and optimistic forecasts, suggests a positive outlook for the crypto market in the near future.

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