Bitcoin Faces FUD at $65,000 Amid Rare Extended Negative Sentiment, Say Analysts

  • Bitcoin continues to face uncertainty in the market, evident from recent analysis.
  • Investors are concerned about persistent Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD) around Bitcoin.
  • Notable analysts suggest this prolonged period of market stability might precede a significant price movement.

Discover the current sentiment around Bitcoin and insights from leading analysts in the crypto industry.

Ongoing Market Sentiment

According to data sourced from Santiment, a renowned cryptocurrency analysis platform, Bitcoin is encountering significant FUD rhetoric, particularly around the $65,000 price band. On June 20, Santiment noted on X, “It’s unusual to witness such prolonged FUD levels as traders continue to capitulate.” They added, “With Bitcoin hovering between $65,000 and $66,000, investors exhibit apprehension towards cryptocurrencies.”

Current Trading Range and Sentiment Index

CoinMarketCap’s data reveals that Bitcoin’s price fluctuated between $67,294 at its peak and $64,180 at its lowest in the past week. Santiment highlights that the Weighted Sentiment Index for Bitcoin on X, which assesses investor opinions, has remained negative since May 23. As of the report’s publication, the index stands at -0.738, reflecting predominantly negative discussions about Bitcoin on X.

Insights from Industry Analysts

The prevalent negative sentiment on social media encompasses opinions from high-profile traders and analysts within the cryptocurrency community. James Check, the chief analyst at Glassnode, known as “Checkmatey,” remarked in a June 19 post, “Bitcoin is roughly 60 days into a horizontal stagnation of about 150 days post-halving.” In a similar vein, another crypto analyst, Jelle, observed, “Months of sideways price action – the most tedious phase of a bull market.”

Implications of Prolonged Consolidation

Several experts believe that the prolonged period of price consolidation could pave the way for a rapid price surge. On June 13, Cointelegraph reported that Bitcoin has been in its longest consolidation phase of 92 days. Analysts argue that extended stability often sets the stage for substantial upward movements. Crypto analyst, Daan Crypto Trades, stated, “In general, the longer the consolidation, the more expansive the subsequent move.”


In summary, despite the pervasive negativity surrounding Bitcoin on social media, historical patterns and expert analyses suggest that this consolidation period might lead to a significant bullish breakout. It remains critical for investors to approach the market with caution and ensure thorough research before making any trading decisions, especially considering the inherent risks associated with cryptocurrency investments.

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