Bitcoin Faces Resistance at $70,000 Amid Market Liquidation Pressures

  • Bitcoin shows promising signs of recovery amidst continued liquidation pressures.
  • The $70,000 to $72,000 resistance zone emerges as a critical threshold for continuing the bullish trend.
  • Currently trading below $70,000, Bitcoin’s key support level is identified at $66,000.

Bitcoin’s path to new highs faces significant resistance at the $70,000-$72,000 level while traders keep a close watch on key support areas and market trends in Q4 2023.

Rising Concerns Over Bitcoin’s Potential Drop to $62,300

An influential market analyst highlighted on X that ongoing long position liquidations could drive Bitcoin’s price down to the Short-Term Holder Realized Price (STH Realized Price) of $62,300.

This price point, seen as a lower liquidity zone, might act as a limited support level, providing BTC bulls an opportunity to mitigate losses.

The Significance of STH Realized Price in Bitcoin Market Sentiment

The STH Realized Price, which is the average purchase price of all BTC within the last 155 days, serves as an important sentiment gauge. Short-term holders, typically speculators, rely on this metric to navigate market volatility.

If Bitcoin’s price falls below the STH Realized Price, it could prompt these holders to liquidate their positions, leading to further downward pressure. Conversely, approaching this price level could trigger buying activity, as traders seek near-breakeven levels.

Currently, the STH Realized Price stands at $62,300, with the one-to-three-month Realized Price at approximately $66,600. Significant price declines past the $66,000 mark could hasten Bitcoin’s descent to the STH Realized Price.

Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) Meeting: Key Point of Interest Amid Inflation and Employment Data

The cryptocurrency market remains in a state of anticipation as investors await the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting outcome. With robust labor market data, expectations are high that the Federal Reserve will maintain the interest rate at 5.50%.

Recent statistics from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) revealed that 272,000 new jobs were added in June, substantially higher than the 185,000 predicted by economists.

Solid non-farm payrolls (NFP) data have dampened the prospects of an immediate interest rate cut. However, the year-to-date inflation rate decline to 3.3%, as reported by the BLS, increases the likelihood of a future rate reduction, which would considerably bolster Bitcoin’s bullish case.


The cryptocurrency market is navigating through a complex landscape of resistance levels, support zones, and macroeconomic factors. Bitcoin’s ability to surmount the $70,000-$72,000 resistance zone will determine its trajectory. Meanwhile, the STH Realized Price at $62,300 could serve as a critical support level, shaping both short-term and long-term market sentiment. Investors are also closely watching the FOMC’s decisions, which are poised to impact the broader economic environment and, consequently, Bitcoin’s market performance.

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