Bitcoin Faces Turbulence Amid U.S. Payroll Report and $2.7B Mt. Gox BTC Transfer

  • Bitcoin’s stability might be tested today due to the U.S. payroll and unemployment reports.
  • The crypto market has already been significantly affected by recent developments involving Mt. Gox.
  • An analyst from BRN believes the upcoming economic data is less likely to shock the market.

Discover the leading factors impacting Bitcoin today, including significant movements in the market and how U.S. economic reports might play a surprising role.

Bitcoin Faces Potential Market Volatility Amid U.S. Economic Data

Bitcoin investors are bracing for potential market fluctuations as the U.S. payroll and unemployment reports are set to be released today. This economic data often serves as a barometer for the health of the U.S. economy, influencing market sentiment across various asset classes, including cryptocurrencies.

The Impact of Mt. Gox Trustee Action on Bitcoin Prices

Earlier today, the crypto market was jolted when the Mt. Gox trustee transferred approximately $2.7 billion worth of Bitcoin from a cold storage wallet. Although this move does not yet signify immediate repayments to creditors, it has nonetheless instigated fear among investors, adding downward pressure on Bitcoin prices. Following this event, Bitcoin’s price dipped below the $55,000 mark during Asian trading hours but has since rebounded to hover slightly above $55,400, representing a 3.8% decline from the previous day, per CoinGecko data.

Analysts Predict Limited Market Reaction to U.S. Employment Data

Despite the recent Bitcoin turmoil related to the Mt. Gox movement, analysts suggest that today’s U.S. employment and non-farm payroll data may not yield a significant impact on the market. Valentin Fournier, a BRN analyst, told CoinOtag that this data is more reflective of the U.S. economy’s overall strength rather than inflation indicators. As a result, a massive market movement based solely on the payroll or unemployment figures is unlikely.

The Role of Future Monetary Policy in Crypto Market Dynamics

Jag Kooner, Head of Derivatives at Bitfinex, indicates that weaker-than-expected job growth in the NFP report could boost Bitcoin prices due to increased expectations for future rate cuts. Conversely, a resilient job market could impose downward pressure on Bitcoin by reducing the likelihood of near-term rate cuts. Kooner also mentioned a potential slight uptick in Bitcoin ETFs if economic uncertainty drives the Fed towards rate cuts, enhancing Bitcoin’s appeal as an inflation hedge. However, he noted that Bitcoin ETF flows have been relatively modest, reflecting caution among investors.

Federal Reserve’s New Monetary Policy Report: A Key Focus

More impactful for crypto investors might be the Federal Reserve’s new monetary policy report, due out at 11 a.m. EST, a few hours after the Bureau of Labor Statistics releases its data. According to Fournier, investors place more trust in metrics like the Core Price Index and Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) than in payroll data. The recent positive PCE figures had minimal impact compared to Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell’s statements emphasizing the necessity for durable evidence of cooling inflation.


As Bitcoin navigates through various market challenges, today’s U.S. payroll and unemployment reports may play a supporting role rather than a pivotal one. Investors will likely be more responsive to the Federal Reserve’s new monetary policy report later today, making this an essential aspect to monitor. Overall, market participants should stay informed and prepared for any developments that may influence the crypto landscape.

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