Bitcoin Nears Record High: Crypto IPO Wave Expected if BTC Momentum Continues

  • Bitcoin’s approach to a new all-time high has set the stage for a flurry of crypto-related IPOs.
  • Analysts predict a significant rise in crypto IPOs if the bullish market trend continues.
  • Experts believe that steady Bitcoin prices, around $70,000, could open the IPO floodgates.

Crypto markets are on the brink of an IPO surge as Bitcoin nears record highs.

Impending Crypto IPO Surge

According to Renaissance Capital’s senior market strategist, Matthew Kennedy, the crypto market is poised for a substantial increase in initial public offerings over the next 18 months, provided the favorable market conditions persist. Kennedy asserts that around 15 crypto companies could potentially go public during this period if Bitcoin sustains its current trajectory.

“If Bitcoin stays on its current trajectory, I am sure that would open the floodgates. If it stays at its current level, that would also support more public issues.”

The approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs by the SEC in January 2024, followed by Ethereum ETFs, has significantly shifted overall sentiment towards crypto, enhancing market confidence and public market activities.

Notable companies like blockchain provider Chia Network and stablecoin issuer Circle have already confidentially filed or submitted draft registration statements for IPOs. Other entities such as eToro and Animoca Brands are also considering public listings within the next few years. Kraken, despite its regulatory battles, is preparing for a pre-IPO capital raise, aiming for a $100 million injection.

Crypto Market Trends and Projections

Bitcoin’s firm hold above $70,000 has been instrumental in maintaining market momentum. The broader crypto market, although relatively stable over the past few days, continues to draw significant interest from institutional investors. Recent surveys indicate that nearly 40% of family offices are exploring or actively investing in crypto, and 43% of U.S. retail investors are likely to purchase crypto within the next year.

Financial experts, including “Rich Dad Poor Dad” author Robert Kiyosaki, predict that Bitcoin could soar to $350,000 by the end of August. Secure Digital Markets analysts concur, seeing Bitcoin as just a few percentage points away from historic peaks. Such a bullish trend could further incentivize crypto companies to go public, tapping into the heightened market enthusiasm.


The crypto market is gearing up for an unprecedented wave of IPOs, catalyzed by Bitcoin’s record-breaking trajectory and robust investor interest. As regulatory frameworks around ETFs continue to evolve, and more companies file for public listings, the landscape of the crypto industry is set to undergo significant transformations. Investors and market watchers should prepare for a dynamic period of growth and opportunity.

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