Bitcoin Price Dips as Germany Sells $110 Million in Confiscated BTC Holdings

  • Germany’s recent liquidation of a portion of its Bitcoin holdings has influenced market sentiment.
  • The event led to a decline in Bitcoin’s profitability metrics and a reduction in the number of long-term holders.
  • Experts are closely monitoring these trends to assess the future impact on Bitcoin’s market dynamics.

Germany’s Bitcoin sell-off triggers market reactions, affecting profitability and investor sentiment.

The Implications of Germany’s Crypto Holdings Liquidation

Germany’s recent activity in the crypto market has drawn significant attention. Over the past 48 hours, the German government liquidated approximately 1,700 Bitcoins—valued at around $110 million—on top exchanges such as Kraken, Coinbase, and Bitstamp.

Although sizable, this sale represents only a fraction of Germany’s extensive $43 billion Bitcoin reserve, which stems largely from cryptocurrency seizures.

Strategic Sales and Accumulation

This recent transaction is part of a broader strategy. Germany’s approach involves selling small fractions of its total Bitcoin holdings periodically. Notably, Germany has seized about 50,000 Bitcoins in recent years, highlighting an ongoing accumulation effort.

CryptoQuant CEO Ki Young Ju revealed that despite selling 3,000 BTC recently, Germany still holds a substantial amount of Bitcoin with unrealized gains.

The soaring value of Bitcoin has drastically increased the worth of these seized assets. Germany’s current holdings are estimated at $3.24 billion, including $1.1 billion in unrealized profits, positioning them as the fourth-largest Bitcoin holder globally, following the US, China, and the UK.

Comparative Holdings of Major Nations

The United States leads significantly with around 213,246 Bitcoins, worth approximately $13.7 billion. Meanwhile, China retains a significant reserve of 190,000 Bitcoins, despite regulatory crackdowns and significant sales in 2019.

This German Bitcoin sale, alongside spot Bitcoin ETF outflows, has contributed to recent selling pressures affecting the Bitcoin market.

Bitcoin Faces Market Challenges

As of the latest reports, Bitcoin’s price has dropped to $64,562.51, marking a 1.29% decrease in the past 24 hours.

Key metrics like the MVRV ratio show a decline, indicating that many investors currently find their holdings unprofitable. This diminution in profitability could negatively influence market sentiment and investor confidence.

Additionally, this low profitability implies that many investors may opt to hold their positions longer before realizing gains, potentially reducing short-term selling pressure.

Declining Long-Term Holding Trends

Data points from Santiment indicate a reduction in the long/short difference for Bitcoin, suggesting a decrease in the number of long-term addresses holding the cryptocurrency. This decline might be a cause for concern as it affects the overall stability and investor confidence in Bitcoin.


The recent developments in Germany’s Bitcoin holdings and its impact on market dynamics provide crucial insights. While the liquidation has introduced short-term selling pressures, the broader implications for long-term holders and market sentiment remain complex. As Bitcoin continues to navigate these challenges, investors and analysts will be monitoring these trends to anticipate future market movements.

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