Bitcoin Set to Surge to $125K by End of 2024 Amid Institutional Adoption, Says BitGo CEO

  • The cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, with expert predictions shedding light on future trends.
  • Insights from industry leaders like Mike Belshe, CEO of BitGo, provide valuable perspectives on these developments.
  • Belshe’s recent interview with Michelle Makori at Consensus 2024 offers notable predictions and insights.

Discover expert insights and predictions on Bitcoin’s price, institutional adoption, and the macroeconomic factors shaping the cryptocurrency market.

Bitcoin’s Price Prediction: A Surge on the Horizon

According to Mike Belshe, Bitcoin’s price is set to exceed $125,000 by the end of 2024. This anticipated surge will be driven by a blend of macroeconomic influences and burgeoning institutional demand. Belshe highlights the impact of these factors despite the initial volatility that followed the approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs. He observes that institutional investments, though initially slow, are now gaining traction, setting the stage for significant price appreciation.

Institutional Involvement in Bitcoin

Belshe estimates that only about 5% of institutional capital is currently allocated to Bitcoin. He attributes this gradual adoption to the cautious nature of large institutions, which typically undergo extensive committee reviews and evaluations before entering new investment avenues. However, as these processes are completed, he anticipates a substantial influx of institutional funds into Bitcoin, driving its value higher.

Fiat Currency Debasement and Bitcoin’s Role

In Belshe’s view, the rapid devaluation of fiat currencies is a key driver for Bitcoin’s prominence. He emphasizes the relentless printing of money by governments, leading to the devaluation of the dollar. Belshe succinctly puts it, “Your dollar is going down. My dollar is going down. Get off the dollar.” He argues that Bitcoin serves as a hedge against this devaluation, with its value poised to rise as more individuals and institutions seek alternatives to traditional currencies.

The Significance of Spot Bitcoin ETFs

The approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs marks a pivotal moment in cryptocurrency adoption. Belshe notes that these financial instruments simplify the investment process for institutions, eliminating the complexities associated with direct Bitcoin ownership. Initially, the demand for these ETFs has been driven by retail investors, but institutional interest is now beginning to increase. This trend is expected to gain momentum, resulting in significant institutional capital flowing into Bitcoin.

Future Prospects for Bitcoin and Ether ETFs

Belshe also addresses the anticipated demand for spot Bitcoin and spot Ether ETFs. He predicts that while Ethereum ETFs may take longer to gain full approval, they will eventually succeed. This approval is expected to further legitimize the cryptocurrency market, attracting more institutional investors to the space.

Influence of Global Macroeconomic Factors

Belshe discusses the broader macroeconomic context, highlighting how U.S. foreign policy and sanctions are prompting global entities to explore alternatives to the dollar. He mentions initiatives by BRICS nations to develop alternative payment systems, which could challenge the dominance of the dollar. Additionally, advancements in digital technologies are facilitating seamless cross-border payments, further reducing the reliance on traditional financial intermediaries.

The Regulatory and Political Landscape

Belshe expresses concern about the politicization of financial regulations, particularly concerning cryptocurrencies. He notes that political motivations have influenced regulatory decisions, such as the abrupt approval of spot Ether ETFs. Belshe stresses the importance of both major political parties recognizing the value of digital assets for fostering innovation and ensuring economic stability.

Ethereum’s Unique Role and Market Dynamics

Regarding Ethereum, Belshe remains optimistic about its potential as a platform for building decentralized applications. Unlike Bitcoin, which he views primarily as a store of value, Ethereum is seen as ideal for creating and operating smart contracts. Belshe also discusses the potential differentiation between staked and non-staked Ether, suggesting that each might have distinct valuations based on their respective roles in the ecosystem.


In summary, Mike Belshe’s insights provide a detailed outlook on the future of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. As institutional adoption grows and macroeconomic factors continue to shift, Bitcoin’s role as a hedge against fiat currency debasement becomes increasingly important. The ongoing development of ETFs and advancements in digital payment systems further validate the cryptocurrency market, presenting significant opportunities for investors worldwide.

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