Bitcoin’s Dormancy Flow Data and Inflation Rate Signal Potential Bearish Market Trends

  • The recent Bitcoin price trend has sparked discussions among financial experts.
  • Some analysts believe that the cryptocurrency may have already reached its peak for this cycle.
  • Various metrics, including market inflation rates and dormancy flow data, provide insights into the current state of the Bitcoin market.

An in-depth analysis of Bitcoin’s recent price movements and market indicators suggests potential bearish trends, signaling that the cryptocurrency may have already hit its peak.

Bitcoin’s Market Vulnerabilities: Signs and Indicators

Bitcoin’s price has witnessed a 2.25% decline over the past 24 hours and is trading 16% below its all-time high of $73,835, achieved on March 14. This decline continues a three-month downward trajectory, with an 8.75% fall over the past 30 days and a 5.5% drop within the last three months. Experts are now evaluating whether this signals the end of the peak cycle for Bitcoin.

Inflation Pressures on Long-Term Holders

Charles Edwards, the founder of Capriole Investments, emphasized that Bitcoin’s failure to reach new heights after multiple attempts may suggest market fragility. According to Edwards, the inflation rate among long-term Bitcoin holders has surged over the past two years, contributing to selling pressure. This trend indicates a notable shift in the market dynamics, as long-term holders appear to be liquidating their assets more frequently.

The Significance of Market Inflation Rates

Research from Glassnode highlights the LTH (Long-Term Holder) market inflation rate as a key metric for understanding market dynamics. This metric, which monitors the accumulation or distribution rates beyond daily miner issuance, has shown elevated values, indicating heightened selling pressure. Historically, peaks in market inflation correlate with the end of bull market cycles, suggesting that Bitcoin might be nearing the conclusion of its current cycle.

Dormancy Flow Data: A Critical Market Indicator

Another essential metric for assessing Bitcoin market cycles is Dormancy Flow data. This metric tracks the number of tokens spent in relation to broader market trends. According to Glassnode, the Dormancy Flow Z-score has seen a sharp increase over the last 90 days, with a significant peak reported in April 2024. This rise indicates that the average age of spent assets is increasing, which could imply that Bitcoin is currently overvalued relative to its transactional volume.


In summary, several indicators suggest that Bitcoin may have already achieved its peak for this cycle. The increased selling pressure among long-term holders and the insights from dormancy flow data provide compelling evidence for potential bearish trends. Market participants should approach with caution, as these metrics collectively signal that the cryptocurrency market might be entering a more challenging phase.

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