Blockchain Life Week in Dubai: we have never seen this before

The upcoming Blockchain Life 2024 Forum is set to be a game-changer for industry professionals and crypto enthusiasts from all over the world.

Texas Voters Prioritize Crypto in Elections, Coinbase Study Reveals

A recent Coinbase survey unveils that Texas voters view cryptocurrency as a pivotal issue for the next elections, with a substantial portion likely to back candidates advocating for the crypto industry.

China Escalates Crackdown on Blockchain and Crypto Cybercrimes Amid Rising Fraud

Amid an alarming rise in blockchain and crypto-related cybercrimes, China's highest prosecutorial authority intensifies efforts to curb online fraud, cyber violence, and personal information breaches, signaling a nationwide crackdown on digital financial crimes.

Blockchain, The Tech Behind Bitcoin Emerges as a ‘Killer Use Case’ for AI Governance

This article explores how blockchain technology, initially famed for underpinning Bitcoin, is now poised to play a crucial role in governing artificial intelligence (AI), particularly in mitigating biases in AI training data.

Defi TVL Skyrockets: Surpasses $57 Billion, $20 Billion Gained in 3 Months

Delving into the recent surge in decentralized finance, this analysis highlights the rapid growth in TVL, Ethereum's dominant role, and the implications for the Defi market's future.

Blockchain Innovation Unleashed: A Week of Breakthroughs and Partnerships

This article delves into the latest breakthroughs and strategic alliances in the blockchain realm, highlighting their potential impact on the future of decentralized technology and digital finance.

According to Animoca Brands Founder, Spot Bitcoin ETFs Increased Interest in Blockchain!

Animoca Brands founder Yat Siu delves into the significance of a potential Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) for the ecosystem.

Bitcoin’s Technical Analysis: A Dive into Short, Medium, and Long-Term Forecasts

An in-depth exploration of Bitcoin's technical trajectory indicates neutral stances for the short and long term, with a slightly negative outlook for the medium term.

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