Bitcoin’s IFP Breakout Signals Potential Bull Run Above 90-Day Average

  • Bitcoin’s Inter Exchange Flow Pulse (IFP) is garnering attention as a potential indicator of future market movements.
  • Historically, shifts in the IFP above its 90-day moving average have marked significant bullish trends.
  • The correlation between IFP trends and Bitcoin reaching all-time highs is notable from past data.

Discover how Bitcoin’s Inter Exchange Flow Pulse could influence market trends, with historical insights and future predictions.

Bitcoin’s IFP and Market Projections

In recent days, Bitcoin has seen modest gains as on-chain metrics like the Inter Exchange Flow Pulse (IFP) come into focus. The IFP data suggests that there may be a potential price rally for Bitcoin, especially as investors strive for the asset to reclaim the $65,000 level after recent outflows. This metric is essential as it can help forecast market trends based on Bitcoin’s movements between exchanges.

Historical Trends and Future Predictions

According to findings from digital asset analysis firm CryptoQuant, Bitcoin’s IFP is currently positioned below its 90-day moving average. This indicates that if the IFP rises above this average, there could be a significant bullish trend initialization. The IFP primarily measures the flow of Bitcoin to derivative exchanges and can signal either an upward price swing when entering exchanges or a bearish trend when leaving.

Historically, this pattern has proven accurate; for instance, in 2016 and early 2024, Bitcoin’s price saw significant upswings after the IFP metric crossed its 90-day moving average. During the end of 2023 and the start of 2024, the IFP was below the moving average, coinciding with Bitcoin’s price drop from $46,000 to $39,000 before it surged to an all-time high of over $73,000.

Implications for the Wider Market

Bitcoin’s performance often sets the tone for the broader cryptocurrency market. Recent positive momentum in Bitcoin has led to minor gains in other major cryptocurrencies. Last week, Bitcoin slid below the $65,000 mark, which spurred outflows in various altcoins and meme coins. However, a subsequent rise in Bitcoin prices can rejuvenate these assets, leading to improved market sentiment.

Enhanced market performance could gain additional support from Bitcoin ETFs, which continue to attract significant inflows. In this environment, traders and investors are closely watching the IFP data as a critical indicator for potential market movements.


The Inter Exchange Flow Pulse remains a crucial metric for predicting Bitcoin market trends. As it currently sits below the 90-day moving average, investors and traders are on the lookout for any movements above this threshold. Understanding this dynamic can offer valuable insights into when to make strategic investments in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Keeping an eye on such metrics ensures that stakeholders are well-prepared for potential market shifts, aiming for optimal growth and returns.

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