Bitcoin’s Potential Price Surge Backed by Key Indicators: STH-SOPR and Stock to Flow Ratio

  • The current indicators suggest that Bitcoin might be on the verge of a price recovery.
  • Factors such as the rise in the Stock to Flow ratio support a potential upward trend.
  • Recent data points from STH-SOPR underscore the possibility of a rebound in Bitcoin’s value.

Analyzing the latest Bitcoin metrics to predict the next big price movement in the cryptocurrency market.

Potential Reversal Indicated by Key Metrics

The value of Bitcoin has shown the trademark fluctuations but may now be poised for a significant move. One critical metric, STH-SOPR (Short-Term Holder Spent Output Profit Ratio), provides insight into whether recent buyers are profiting or incurring losses. A reading below 1 indicates sales at a loss, while values above 1 highlight sales at a profit.

As of the latest data from CryptoQuant, Bitcoin’s STH-SOPR is hovering around 0.99. This balance point is pivotal, suggesting that the cryptocurrency might soon shift away from its recent downward trend.

Historically, a STH-SOPR below 1 has often been the prelude to a bullish recovery. If this metric continues to stay below the 1 mark, Bitcoin’s downturn could be nearing its end, setting the stage for a price uptick.

Bulls and Bears Indicators: A Bullish Outlook

Another important indicator is the Bulls And Bears metric, which assesses the volume disparity between purchasing and selling addresses. If purchases outweigh sales, the outlook appears bullish, and vice versa.

At present, the Bulls And Bears indicator stands at +2 in favor of the bulls. Though this position might not cause an immediate surge in Bitcoin’s price, sustained positive momentum could herald a notable end to its current price correction.

Stock to Flow Ratio Signals Scarcity

The Stock to Flow (S2F) ratio measures an asset’s scarcity and its relationship with inflation. A higher S2F ratio signals lower inflation and potential for price growth. On June 23rd, the Stock to Flow ratio for Bitcoin spiked to 640—a significant indicator favoring a potential price increase.

This elevated Stock to Flow ratio suggests that Bitcoin’s inflation rate is low, which historically correlates with higher asset prices. Given the current S2F ratio, Bitcoin’s value might be poised to increase as the market absorbs this data.


Data from crucial indicators such as STH-SOPR, Bulls And Bears, and the Stock to Flow ratio collectively indicate that Bitcoin may be preparing for an upward move. While patterns from past trends provide valuable insight, it’s important to note that large-scale investor actions can still impact predictions. Should these positive metrics hold steady, Bitcoin might soon recapture some of its recent declines, positioning itself for future growth.

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Gideon Wolf
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