Tomorrow is Crucial for Bitcoin and 12 Altcoins: Key Highlights and Events!

  • Bitcoin and the altcoin markets are gearing up for an action-packed week. Various cryptocurrency projects are set to see significant developments starting tomorrow, June 24th, Monday.
  • Investors with their eyes on these projects can expect a bustling day filled with key events. Monitoring these events closely can provide valuable insights.
  • Here is a roundup of the critical events to watch for in the crypto world on Monday, June 24th:

Stay ahead in the cryptocurrency markets with our detailed insights into key developments happening across various projects on June 24th. Discover what’s in store for tomorrow!

Major Events to Look Out for on June 24th

The cryptocurrency sphere will experience a flurry of activities on June 24th. Several significant events are scheduled, each with the potential to influence the market landscape considerably. Here’s a closer look:

Listing of New Cryptocurrencies on BingX

On Monday, BingX exchange is set to list three new cryptocurrencies: Worldwide USD (WUSD), Love Power Coin (LOVE), and Hedgehog in the fog Coin (HIF). These listings are anticipated to boost the trading volumes of these coins significantly.

  • Metal DAO (MTL): A critical upgrade to Metal DAO’s smart contracts will be implemented, enhancing its performance and security.
  • COTI (COTI): The COTI community will vote on a new treasury fee model, potentially shaping its long-term financial structure.
  • Zcash (ZEC): A significant vote on the Zcash developer fund will commence, influencing the future developments within the Zcash ecosystem.
  • Cronos (CRO): The Cronos community will decide on the burning of 50 million CRO tokens, a move that could positively impact the token’s price by reducing its supply.
  • Crypto Hub (HUB): An Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with the revolutionary mobile banking app BoundlessPay is set to happen at 10 PM, which will offer crucial insights into the transformation of the finance sector through blockchain technology.
  • Zetrix (ZETRIX): At 3 PM (UTC), a Telegram AMA session with Zetrix founder Dato’ Fadzli Shah will take place, presenting an opportunity for investors to learn more about the project.
  • (SFUND): Between Monday and Tuesday, the RUNI token sale will be hosted on the Seedify Launchpad, offering early investment opportunities.
  • Silly Dragon (SILLY): The SPL404 PFP NFT collection launch will conclude on Monday, potentially invigorating the digital collectibles market.

Additional Developments to Watch

Besides these highlighted events, other significant developments regarding various cryptocurrencies are also on the horizon. Keeping track of these can lead to better-informed investment decisions. The dynamic nature of the crypto market means investors must continuously stay updated.


Monday, June 24th, promises to be a pivotal day in the cryptocurrency realm. Investors should remain vigilant and informed about these key events to navigate the fast-evolving market effectively. Staying informed is essential for making sound investment decisions. Ensure you follow these developments closely to maximize your potential gains.

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