Bitcoin’s Surge to $66,000 Triggers Volatility in FLOKI and Other Meme Coins

  • Bitcoin has recently surged to an impressive $66,000, currently trading around $66,350.
  • Meme coins, notorious for their volatility, have witnessed significant fluctuations amidst Bitcoin’s rapid rise.
  • The landscape for meme coins like FLOKI, BONK, BOME, MEW, and GME Coin is evolving fast, reflecting the broader market dynamics.

Explore the latest movements in the crypto market with an in-depth look into Bitcoin and popular meme coins.

Current Trends with FLOKI Coin

FLOKI Coin has encountered substantial pressure after it dipped below the $0.000217 mark, which spurred further downward corrections. Currently, it struggles to maintain the $0.000190 support level. Should this position collapse, the next critical levels to watch are $0.000153 and $0.000123, with a vital threshold at $0.000112 that could thwart any immediate recovery. Over the past week, FLOKI has faced six red candle days, suggesting a waning investor sentiment for hitting new all-time highs.

Future Prospects for BONK Coin

BONK Coin is currently trading below $0.0000292, having dipped further to $0.0000258. Within its prevailing parallel channel, BONK is poised to test the $0.0000215 support in the near future. Failure to hold this position could see it slip to $0.0000135. Conversely, breaking above its channel ceiling could enable a rebound to its recent high of $0.0000415.

BOME Coin’s Performance and Outlook

Following a high on March 16, BOME Coin has been on a steady decline. Currently hovering around $0.01, it aims to find a solid base at $0.008955. Attempts to breach the $0.0152 resistance have failed for 68 days. Given its brief 92-day trading history post-April declines, market interest in BOME has dwindled. Overcoming the resistance level could reignite investor interest and signal potential for new highs.

MEW Coin’s Market Dynamics

MEW Coin, a recently listed meme coin, saw an initial spike to $0.00746 post-OKX listing. However, it has since corrected to a base of $0.00338 as of mid-June. For a rebound, maintaining the $0.00425 support is crucial, with a target resistance at $0.00475 if it manages to hold steady.

GME Coin’s Volatile Trajectory

Launched on June 2, GME Coin has maintained its support at $0.0103. Due to its speculative nature, often compared to leveraged stocks, it can potentially surge up to $0.02052. Despite this, the coin’s volatility remains high, posing risks of substantial losses up to 72% in short spans.

Strategic Investment Insights

  • Track FLOKI Coin around the $0.000190 support to predict further movements.
  • Observe BONK Coin’s trajectory within its parallel channel for short-term positioning.
  • Monitor BOME Coin for potential breakouts at the $0.0152 resistance.
  • Pay close attention to MEW Coin’s $0.00425 support as a pivot for upward trends.
  • Exercise caution with GME Coin given its highly speculative nature and potential for rapid price changes.


Bitcoin’s resurgence to $66,000 has cast a dynamic influence on the meme coin market, marked by notable volatility and speculative behavior. Investors should remain vigilant and consider these strategic insights to navigate through the fluctuating landscape of meme coins effectively.

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